Football GIF: Man Utd’s Ashley Young Performs Trademark ‘Simulation’ In Sociedad

Alan Duffy

5th, November 2013


By Alan Duffy

This classic Ashley Young dive, performed in Spain on Tuesday night, has it all; the faintest of contact from the opponent, followed by the half-twist dive onto the grass. Bravo!

However, justice did win out when Robin van Persie failed to convert the subsequent spot-kick.



GIF: 101GG

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. JoeT says:


  3. Gattsu says:

    This “British disease” is ruining modern football

  4. Ryan Giggs says:

    Should be shipped off to the Russian league -an embarrassment to the United shirt!

  5. elliotb says:

    a disgrace

  6. dk says:

    his arm is being pulled. someone is blind

  7. Rob says:

    Grabbing a persons arm is is a foul because it slows them down and gives an advantage to the other team. If you see how close the defender was to the ball, that little tug was enough to let him get to the ball before young. Yes Young did go down easily, but if he had stayed on his feet it would not have been given, even though the tug affected the play. Most referees won’t give a penalty for a tug like that even though they will call a foul on it every time, so if it is a foul outside of the box, it is a foul inside of the box as well, and by going down Young was making sure the ref had no choice but to give the penalty, which was deserved.

  8. peau says:

    such a garbage team this year…

  9. Paul McGuigan says:

    Yea dk, it’s you ;)

  10. Jarren says:

    I am a United fan and I abhor diving.

    I do not want to see it from any team, and I especially do not want to see it become synonymous with United.

    Ashley has had words from both Ferguson & Moyes.

    This has to stop.

  11. savage says:

    i wanted to give him benefit of the doubt based on the way his foot landed, but after a closer look i realised i was wrong

  12. ad says:

    You must be right dk! Last time my arm was pulled, my back leg was then pulled by a powerful imaginary force causing my balance and ability to stand to fail! I crashed to the ground at speed causing me to roll and roll! I was only running for the bus!

    I am a football man but this has to stop. rugby players put idiots like young to shame

  13. Dont Worry says:

    Get rid of him, I hate seeing this as a united supporter.

  14. Ross says:

    Didn’t see the game last night but woke to the news of the dive…not good to see at all. Justice prevails with the RVP miss.

  15. John Rot says:

    I think I am like 10 dives from stop watching football at all. This is just ridicilous. If I was one of his playmates, I would slap him right on the pitch.

  16. Room101 says:

    It’s quite obvious Sociedad have an invisible defender that tripped him!

  17. SL says:

    How do the refs keep falling for it, they arent even good dives.

    Bans need to be handed out, the word “contact” needs to be eliminated as an excuse, contact does not mean a foul, at least it never used too.

    The ref needs to think “could he have stayed on his feet” if the answer is yes, then no foul is given no matter what happened, same goes for players who simply stop playing and appeal.

    • Chris says:

      @SL: Couldn’t agree more. Referees can nix the problem instantly by refusing to pander to these gutless, inept players who feign fouls as an easy alternative to having to actually display some footballing ability.

      I can only assume that it’s a covert FIFA-decreed initiative to sterilise the game entirely and eventually force a move into football becoming officially non-contact – thus making it more palatable to more people and increasing global revenue.

      …or something like that anyway.

  18. THE69ERSFC says:

    Cheat. I wonder if his opponents call him a cheat during the game?

  19. chris says:

    I had a huge rant on this lad after his cheating antics went high profile at the Palace game. Arm drag yes, enough to stop him from making an attempt at the ball? – Most certainly not. Enough to fall over? – no way.
    I’m done with this tosser. If he gets called up for England next year i’ll vomit.
    It’s like having a crap version of Arjen Robben on your team.
    I was listening on the radio last night that he had a right to go down because of the contact.
    Fucking contact, bunch of arse. If Im nudged in the shoulder or my foot gets tapped then I’m going to fall over.. Fuck – im waiting for a dive from a hand shake in the tunnel to get someone sent off before the game. Go on Ashley Young try that one seeing as your so good..

  20. betbuddyuk says:

    I was really disappointed David Moyes did not come out last night and Condemn Ashley Youngs antics again, he stated he had warned him about his conduct before so he obviously hasn’t taken heed of his managers words. I would like to see this eradicated from the game and he needs a decent size ban.

    Had this been a foreigner (Suarez) for example I am sure this would of been bigger news, but as he is English our media will just write a snippet and it will get swept under the carpet

  21. PC says:

    Absolutely no way that any ManU fan that wants to try and justify Ashley’s dive would accept this if it were an opposition player diving and a penalty given to opposition. No way.

  22. Jarren says:

    @PC: I think you’ll find the vast majority of United supporters on this page are absolutely sick of Ashley’s actions.

    Go on, take a look up the page and do a count.

    Stop trying to stir shit up m8

  23. Wilson says:

    I find it it disgusting that Manchester United is apparently paying this useless waste of space some 120k per week. FFS he can’t even beat a man and send in a decent cross, much less stay on his fucking feet.

  24. Wilma says:

    Pleeeeeease can we not start blaming the referees. They do not deserve to be brought into the conversation. The buck starts and stops with the player (unless you’ve got managers telling their players to do it… they’re baddies too)

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