Nando’s Provide Adnan Januzaj With £50 Gift Voucher After ‘Stingy’ Kiss-And-Tell Tabloid Revelations

Chris Wright

27th, January 2014


By Chris Wright


The world was rocked – rocked, we tell you – this morning when The Sun ran with a spectacularly bland ‘kiss and tell’ farticle (typo, but it stays) about “Man United’s £30,000-a-week wonder boy” Adnan Januzaj escorting Melissa (above) to Nando’s on a date, spending an apparently derisory £18 and making her pay for the parking.

Apparently, our Melissa was also put out that “stingy” Januzaj turned up wearing a tracksuit and that he didn’t have a flashy car and so on and so forth.


Anyway, sensing their moment for some timely PR, the Portuguese peri-peri poultry pedlars have issued Adnan Janujaz with his very own complimentary £50 gift voucher for “the second date”, also advising the youngster to wear something a little more ‘imperial leisure‘ next time…

Now, as you were. Please continue going about your business.

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  1. elliott says:

    18 pounds, roughly $36, for a first date with an 18 year old is actually a pretty decent return (if you forget the fact he is a millionaire footballer).

  2. bestie says:

    The boy has wisdom beyond his years: he’s a good looking football starlet, so why should he spend a ton of money on a first date (or give a flying F–k about his attire) when he can get all the azz he desires? Too many fish in the fish, Melissa

  3. Giancarlo says:

    Good on him! You know the broad just wants in on his fame when she mentions he didn’t show up with a flashy car. Maybe the kid was testing her, you know? lol

  4. ana says:

    thats what an 18 year old does……

  5. Si says:

    What a skank. He is well rid by the sound of things.

  6. garcias says:

    Nandos is a piece of shit place thats just trying to advertise because its turning as dirty as MacDonalds.

  7. roger davies says:

    “Too many fish in the fish”. PRICELESS.

  8. Boo says:

    I wouldn’t bother with her Adnan, I’ve been back to her place and it’s a sh1thole.

    Well rid…

  9. ET says:

    Just a correction… Nandos is not portuguese. It is a South African brand that is portuguese-themed…

  10. dave says:

    this is what happens when gold diggers reach into their own pockets for a change… she spills it all out to the tabloids how shallow can she get?!? regardless of what he is earning, it just shows she was only interested in his money

  11. bestie says:

    LOL Thanks for paying attention roger davies

  12. Michael Ross says:

    hahahaha. this kid is like Frank sinatra .

    this is are old Frank sinatra test.

  13. TravisKOP says:

    shes looks like shes his elder of at least 10 years also

  14. Jarren says:

    Maybe Nando’s WAS a bit tacky. I only earned around $100 a week at 18 and there was no way I’d take a first date to somewhere like that.

    Splash out a bit if she’s tasty and seems like a decent girl.

    Taking her to a shithole gives the impression that’s all she’s worth.

    But of course, each to their own.

    I’m sure the lad will have more than enough attention from girls in the next few years.

    Finding the right one (who’s not a gold digger) will be more of a problem for him than deciding where to eat.

  15. Raychx says:

    Some people are just shallow. People like her is the reason why most celebs/football’s go out and become ‘slags’ because if its just fun they dont have to date them and get judged on doing so. Absolute joke that footballers earn that much anyway… but the fact of the matter is. Shes made herself look like a snobby twat and probably wont go on a date again ha

  16. The Ostrich says:

    She looks like a fried chicken and waffles kind of girl anyway, I don’t know what she’s getting so heated about.

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