Wilfried Zaha Posts Barbed Instagram Message Aimed Squarely At Man Utd Boss David Moyes

Alan Duffy

10th, February 2014


By Alan Duffy


Quite the barbed comment this from young wideboy Wilfried Zaha who, on Monday, posted a photo on Instagram of new boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer giving him instructions, alongside the words “Nothing like someone who believes in you”. Ignoring the questionable grammar, this was obviously  a shot aimed at Manchester United manager David Moyes, who rarely played the winger before letting him join Cardiff City and Solskjaer on loan during the transfer window.

Soon after the photo had been posted on Instragram it was taken down, no doubt after a gaggle of PR people went into group meltdown. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Zaha returns to Old Trafford in the summer, although to be fair, Moyes may not be there himself.

Photos: 101gg

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  1. OED says:

    Ignoring YOUR spelling mistake.

  2. Rob says:

    Great photo of himself scratching his balls too!

  3. Jarren says:

    Where is the questionable grammar in the sentence “Nothing like someone who believes in you”?

    It is quite transparent what he meant, it is a phrase used quite commonly.

    You don’t have to put a “There’s” before the “Nothing”.

    As for Moyes, he’ll be at Old Trafford for many years to come.

    Oh and Alan, best to read over what you post before submitting. Check that sentence after the Zaha quote.

    Glass houses and all that… ;)

  4. Dont Worry says:

    I mean, Zaha did say afterwoods it was’nt aimed at Moyes, it could just be a misunderstanding, who cares.

  5. Joe says:

    No bigger mistake than the world’s biggest clubTM signing a player from The Championship. This was Fergie’s equivalent of sewing a fish into the lining of the Old Trafford manager’s office chair.

  6. Man utd Itk says:

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but


    Today several sources from Old Trafford have confirmed to me that a fee has been agreed for Sam Allardyce to become caretaker manager til the end of the season. This will surely be good news to Man Utd fans who have not enjoyed a terbulant transition with David Moyes. It is said that should ‘Fat Sam’ become interim manager he will be granted a summer warchest of 12m. Could Kevin Nolan and Stewart Downing be wearing a Man Utd shirt next season —- WATCH THIS SPACE

  7. Cosa says:

    Handbags at dawn Jarren

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