Football Vine: Daniel Sturridge Dives To Con One Of Liverpool’s Many Penalties vs Man Utd

Chris Wright

16th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

Here’s Daniel Sturridge going down like a wimp to win one of Liverpool’s many, many penalties at Old Trafford this afternoon…


In other news, Liverpool absolutely pasted United on their own patch over the course of 90 minutes; soundly whupping David Moyes’ blunt rabble by three goals to zip.


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  1. Me says:

    Take a leaf out of Pulis’ book, Moyes. Fine the tosser for diving!

  2. syndex says:

    Gerard should have been off for the foul, the first pen was accidental handball, the sturridge pen was a travesty and still Man U were lucky to get away with only a three nil pounding they are comedy bad.

    • Tyler says:

      He batted the ball downward. The only thing that would’ve made that more of a penalty would be if he’d used both hands.

  3. b says:


  4. Clearly, Sturridge has been taking his cues from Suarez.

    It’ simple… retroactive punishment, banning players AND MANAGERS who allow it, for so many games WITHOUT PAY, will put a damper on this cheating plague. Send their wages to a charity. If a manager knows that his cash is on the line, he’ll get on his players to stop the diving.

  5. Neil says:

    Are we sure that ManU defender didn’t clip Sturridge’s right foot? Just asking (since I know that this site has a definite bias in favor of ManUre)

  6. carra23 says:

    Agreed Neil I’ve noticed that myself

  7. Neil says:

    Looking at it again, I rescind my comment. Looks like a dive :-(

  8. ParkLife says:

    Retrospective punishment would be nice, but then that’d put a spanner in the works for any future cheating *by design* with complicity from players & refs.

    92 clubs is too much. Football Is Fixed.

  9. lol says:

    i think the FA should deduct 14 points from liverpool for that dive.

    Yours sincerely,

    Manyooo fan

  10. Smiddy says:

    Look at Vidic’s tackle… Nowhere near the ball and goes straight through the player from behind. The tackle illegally impedes the attacker and it’s a foul. Just because Sturridge was able to avoid being scythed doesn’t mean it wasn’t a foul.

    Sturridge may deserve a BAFTA for his part, but Vidic does deserve his red.

  11. Rob says:

    Went down nearly as quick a Man Utd’s stock

  12. Joe says:

    Vidic didn’t get to the ball, nor did he touch Sturridge. The result of which was a pair of legs acting as a hurdle between Sturridge and his path to the ball. It wasn’t a foul, but do you expect someone to just run through flesh & bone?

  13. Ian says:

    Listen, Gerrard probably deliberately hit the post with that pen just to shut you lot up and silence the moaning. Vidic always gets himself sent off against Lpool cos hes too slow and not good enough You were systematically taken apart in yer own yard….. deal with it.

  14. Eric says:

    This was definitely a dive. But then again, that is not to say that Man Utd players will not dive if given such an opportunity, especially Ashley Young.

  15. carra23 says:

    Chris wright do you you have any videos of the pens we didn’t get? Didn’t think so

  16. Mars says:

    The karma gods got Sturridge back about five minutes later when Carrick tripped him and Clattenburg waved play on.

  17. AbdallaOjil says:

    EPL SHOULD add 2 REFREEs like SERIA A ?????????????????????

  18. Mick Monaghan says:

    Diverpool (not a misspelling) now has the two leading exponents of the disgusting “art” of simulation. Maybe the pair of cheats should open up a sideline company: The British School of Diving” (a little wordplay there).
    As for Brendan “turn a blind-eye as long as we secure the points” Rodgers, he should also be brought to task to stamp out these cereal-cons.

  19. UMAD? says:

    If you look closely. There might be minimal contact when he has fallen over I can’t tell. But Vidic slid in and Sturridge might have tripped. 50/50. But it went our way. We had been given a pen and Sturridge would have been slaughtered had he owned up to it.

    I don’t want to believe he dived. That’s the way of United and Chelsea.

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