Stat Attack: David Moyes’ Managerial Record This Year Is Almost Identical To His Record At This Point Last Year

Chris Wright

19th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

It has been noted by some statistician somewhere that David Moyes’ managerial record as taken at this point in both 2013/14 with Manchester United and in 2012/13 with Everton make for remarkably similar viewing, with a mere +1 goal difference this year being the only thing to differentiate between the two…


See? He is doing a good job after all!

At this rate of year-on-year improvement, Moyes will have United back on top by roughly the year 2080. Onwards and upwards!

(Image via ESPN FC/Facebook)

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  1. syndex says:

    And we thought we were having a shite season last year

  2. Smiddy says:

    Considering Everton have the better squad, he’s not doing too badly!

  3. Jarren says:

    Ever had a new job that you were really excited about but found that it takes a bit more than you thought to get up & running?

    You know, you start and everything’s great but suddenly a lot of shit gets thrown your way that you were not prepared for?

    What did you boss do? Sack you? Or did they tell you where you’re going wrong and what to do to fix things?

    I don’t care what people say. Most of them have agendas (ie: want to see United fail).

    Moyes has been landed the biggest managerial job in the UK. With that responsibility comes an amazing amount of pressure.

    Given time he will acclimatise to the position, make it his own.

    He has the support of the fans, he has the team behind him (don’t believe the media bullshit), and he certainly has the support of the boardroom.

    Don’t forget who recommended him. Do you REALLY think Fergie would have chosen him if he did not think he was the right man?

    Moyes is the man for United, and I look forward to many years of success under his leadership.

    A United supporter

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