Football Vine: Wayne Rooney Produces Magnificent Head Back, Arms Outstretched Dive Against Bayern

Alan Duffy

1st, April 2014


By Alan Duffy


Bastian Schweinsteiger’s decision to execute a sliding tackle on Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford on Tuesday night was no doubt a bad idea, considering the German midfielder had already been booked. However, Rooney’s melodramatic impression of that iconic scene from Platoon was still rather cheeky. Then again, English players don’t dive, of course.

Vine: 101gg

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  1. utd fan says:

    great result, bossed the second half, still in with a chance.

  2. Philipp says:

    Rooneys smile says it all. They’ll meet him in Munich – I doubt he’ll show a smile there. Plus: Those two might meet again, in Brazil. I doubt Wayne will have any reason to put on a happy face either. So yeah Mate… Fair Play (something the English always pray) always pays out, just wait…

  3. EDub says:

    Robben: “Hey, you stole my move!!!”

  4. Jim says:

    It’s pretty silly to see and I understand why Schweinsteiger was annoyed, but it wouldn’t be a problem if Britons didn’t pretend only foreigners dive and cheat.

  5. Petrovsky KSC says:

    In this case i would say it was a matter of self-defense. straight red would have been more appropriate for that outrageously brutal twat.

  6. Panther says:

    The likes of Andy Townsend and Roy Kean making excuses for what was a blatent dive, sums up the bias and hypocrisy of the English media. I hope Bayern win the next leg due to a dodgy referee decision. Gerrard Michael Owen Lampard Shearer Rooney and many more English players, dived/dive all the time but the stench of hypocrisy by the English media and English fans, is stomach churning.

  7. Al says:

    it was clearly a foul though, don’t think that is in question is it?

  8. are says:

    considering valencia tackled that bayern guy earlier in the match, and he didn’t get a red card… it would seem a little unfair to shcweinschtieger

  9. rtruth says:

    Noticed Mr Chris Wright hasnt the balls to write this article. your as bad as that idiot andy townsend confused irish engliscreti. if it was sturridge or suare he’d be all ohad done a rash. he must phone andy up in tears begging him to writAlan Duffy

  10. rtruth says:

    Noticed Mr Chris Wright hasnt the balls to write this article. your as bad as that idiot andy townsend confused irish english cretin. if it was sturridge or suarez he’d be all ohad done a rash. he must phone Alan Duffy up in tears begging him to write it

  11. Thom says:

    Nothing worse than Arjen Robben has ever produced

  12. JLBK says:

    Wow, this really got the scouse contingent mad!! It was a pretty embarrassing dive but a second yellow no doubt. Schweisteiger went in angry and got what he deserved. The Valencia/Boatang tackle was a 50-50 and they both went in the same way for the ball. Nothing in it. Keep reaching angry guys!

  13. fnarfu says:

    Yeah, Valencia vs. Boateng was a 50-50 ball. That Boateng got a good deal earlier to, culminating in Valencia two-footing Boatengs left chin. Should have been a second yellow, as was that stupid move by Schweinsteiger. Let’s see how that second leg plays out, you could see that Bayern were angry, including Guardiola. They’ll try to make an example.

  14. Stu says:

    Rooney knew what he was doing, it was obvious with his reaction to Schweinsteiger when he was talking to him. If it was the other way round Schweinsteiger would be crying into his sauerkraut for a week.

  15. the fnarf says:

    @rtruth: *fnarf*

  16. Phil says:

    Wonder what the press would have said if it had been Suarez flying through the air? Rooney should be ashamed of himself (but I bet he isn’t).

  17. Adam says:

    Strange this is what we call a “dive.” I think it’s the wrong word, but is getting towards a truth. So, we should put more effort into describing it a bit more aptly.

    1) Bastian fouls Rooney.

    2) Rooney evades the contact (what any player should do when they can!)

    3) Rooney arches his back and lifts his chin up while he does it (no real advantage in avoiding contact, this)

    So, we all cry that Rooney dives. He just embellished his avoidance of a strong challenge. Not really a dive, but it looks damn silly. Clearly, he want to draw maximum attention to what transpired to the ref.

    I think what Neymar does is worse. Often times when he is legitimately fouled he rolls around 18 times. He gets fouled but the rolling around is just a show for the Ref. I wouldn’t call that a dive, just stupid.

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