Football GIF: David Moyes Getting Hit By Ball vs Bayern Munich Given Classic ‘Hans Moleman’ Treatment

Chris Wright

10th, April 2014


By Chris Wright

Rejoice, for David Moyes getting nudged in his “technical area” by Chris Smalling’s deflected clearance against Bayern Munich last night has been given the ol’ Simpsons GIF treatment…


This isn’t David Moyes’ first appearance in The Simpsons, of course…


It’d be remiss of us to not mention the original work here – Hans Moleman’s classic short film, “Man Getting Hit By Football”, which took second place at the 1995 Springfield Film Festival (behind Barney Gumble’s film noir masterpiece, “Pukahontas”) though later went on to win an Oscar after being remade with George C. Scott in the title role…


(Spotted by 101GG)