10 Champions League conclusions, quotes and titbits


10th, April 2007


Essien.jpg1 Manchester United v Roma and Valencia v Chelsea: two excellent matches in very different ways. I decided to watch Manchester United first half and Chelsea second half – a good call I reckon!
2 United were absolutely unstoppable. The pace and verve of their attacking play was out of this world. Cristiano Ronaldo was at the fore of this, of course.
3 What a finish to the Chelsea match! Santiago Canizares will be disappointed to have let Michael Essien’s shot beat him at the near post, but the Blues certainly deserved it on the night.
4 Michael Carrick doesn’t score many, but those were two peaches!
5 Jose Mourinho must be gutted. No WWE wrestling for him.

10 Champions League conclusions, quotes and titbits continued
6 It was great to see Alan Smith back playing football, running around like a bull in a china shop and generally trying to do himself a mischief. The same goes for Joe Cole, who completely changed the game for Chelsea.
7 “There will definitely be an English side in Athens – that is absolutely certain.”
Jim Rosenthal kindly tempts fate on behalf of Liverpool.
8 “Valencia’s play in the second half has been unforced and sloppy.”
Jim Beglin invents diarrhoea football.
9 “Cristiano Ronaldo. Comparisons with George Best, of course, the incomparable George Best.”
David Pleat achieves the impossible.
10 Who fancies a Manchester United treble, or even a Chelsea quadruple?!
[Rob Parker]

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  1. Clasher says:

    Definetly Chelsea quadruple:)

  2. joe says:

    Great night for both sides. United got the best revenge possible, despite the “good behavior” that was promised of the Roman support.
    Chelsea are not an easy team to support. A few more hairs have gone grey after this one.

  3. Timothy B. says:

    I feel kind of sorry for Canizares, because he was really the only thing keeping his team alive in the second half. His save against Ballack was particularly nice.

  4. Em says:

    Or how about a double for each?
    See, not having a side in the Premiership to support just now affords me the oppertunity to cheer for whatever would be funniest. I know they’d both be thrilled, but can you imagine the sort of explosives that would be bouncing between Trafford and the Bridge?
    That would be a circus.