Cristiano Ronaldo vs Kaka. Who wins?

Ollie Irish

11th, April 2007


pa_cristiano_ronaldo.jpgpubblicita0166uc.jpgIf Milan get past Bayern Munich tonight (a pretty big if but I think they can do it), then we’ll be treated to a Man Utd v Milan CL semi final. That means we get to watch the world’s two best players, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, face off. And what cute faces they are too.
Many non-Man Yoo fans I know argue that Kaka is better than Ronaldo. The Brazilian is a couple of years older than Ron, so it’s a little unfair to compare the two directly. I think Ronaldo has the potential to be a genuine all-time great, whereas Kaka will probably go down in the history books as one of the best creative midfielders of his era, but not a legend. That’s my take anyway.

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  1. Tommy says:

    this is a tough call. if asked the same questions last year my answer would be an easy on. but ronaldo has improved greatly and instead of a guy that played around with the ball and did some fancy footwork just to get the ball stolen, he is turning into an all around great player. i think on form, kaka is a better goal scorer. ronaldo has scored a lot this year but many many of those have been tap ins and penelties. before all you man yoo fans and ronaldo lovers get all over me i will say that he has scored some nice goals. when kaka scores it usually is a class goal from further out than 5 feet. i know people will pull out all kinds of statistics but when it comes down to a big game situation i would stick with kaka. he has scored 7 champions league goals this year. Also, milan have been a team with the wheels falling off and man u is probably the best team in the world. but its hard to say. for now i will stick with kaka but i think ronaldo will be the better player in the long run. i know people will have a problem with what i am saying so have at me. show me how wrong i am and how smart you are.

  2. Joe says:

    Ronaldo isn’t enough of a team player yet, he does try to pull the same tricks over and over again and he has a face you’d very much like to punch. Other than that, he’s top 5 in the world which, in my opinion, looks like this:
    4.Ronaldinho (has he been completely forgotten?)

  3. BC says:

    Kaka vs Ronaldo has been done already just a couple months ago, Portugal vs Brazil at the Emirates Stadium. It was “just” a friendly, admittedly, but it was one of those games where a lot of pride is involved. Player to player, Ronaldo overshadowed Kaka by a mile on that game.
    It might be just form, but Cristiano Ronaldo has been pretty consistent for Portugal for at least 3 years and right now seems determinant on Manchester United being on the running for 3 different titles, with a bonus of a lot of football fireworks in his play. Kaka´s form has not been that impressive lately, but even looking into the past I am not sure if his top form has ever been better on all fronts as Ronaldo´s current one. At age 22. Maybe we will get another chance to compare in a couple weeks, I would love to watch that. But I would go with your estimate, for all of Kaka´s immense proved class, Ronaldo could yet be on another level altogether.

  4. ioooooo says:

    cristiano vince cazzo non dite cavolate

  5. Tommy says:

    i think that what helps kaka out in my mind is his attitude and general likeability. he has a great attitude and people rarely have anything bad to say about him. that may be the brazillian coming out in him. he really seems to love the game and has fun playing it. Ronaldo can come across as a bit arrogant and has been labeled a diver and always has a bit of a sour look on his face. he does get fouled a lot and if he would just stop kicking up his heels i think people would respect him a lot more. another thing that bothers me is his celebrations after penalties, especially ones he didnt even win. he yells and carries on like he just won the world cup. it seems a bit indulgent to me. its like he almost is putting up a “im a tough guy and look how good i am” front. we all know he isnt a tough guy and i think he should be thanking the person that gave him the penalty instead of acting like he did all the work. i really do want to like ronaldo but its going to be hard for me. i just wish he had more of a working class attitude, but i guess he is Portuguese. there are some qualitiy guys coming out of portual but most of the seem pretty smug. but just for the record, i would take ronaldinho any day over the pair of them.

  6. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Agrre with you about personality Tommy, but in terms of raw footballing talent I’d have to go with CR.

  7. Tommy says:

    oh, as far as raw footballing talent, i think cr is probably one of the most talented of all time. he has immense natural talent, but i think he just doesnt use it all as of now. he has tons of time to reach that full potentail and i think he is on his way. compared to the past, he is a different player this year. i think kaka has less talent but understands the flow of the game better. ronaldo is fun to watch but pretty frustrating a lot of the time. kaka is the better leader type player with cool head and nerves of steel. ronaldo is the better skill player and penalty winner. i wouldnt mind seeing them play together. i know kaka would take a place in the background and let ronaldo do his thing. he would be comfortable doing that while i think cr needs that limelight.
    you guys are right though, cr will go down as one of the games best players. i just hope he will one day learn how to use his full potentail. it will be a scary thing when that day comes.
    and i would still take ronaldinho, hes a nice mix of kaka and cr. all skill and leadership and brazilian attitude. and he scored that one on d. seaman. i hate david seaman.

  8. joe says:

    On current form I think its obviously Ronaldo who’s in the better form. However, I think its early in both players careers to hypothesize about how they will be remembered. CR could be like Michael Owen and be done at 26. Kaka could last like a Giggs or Franco Zola. Don’t forget with a reputation like Ronaldo’s every second choice right back around will be out to get him. This can certainly affect longevity and what a player really amounts to when their entire career is summed up.

  9. foade says:

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  10. foade says:

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  11. puppetmaster says:

    having just watched Man-U vs Milan, i have to say that both players had a great game. i dont know what all this selfishness regarding CR is all about. he had a few cracks on goal but spent most fo the time working for his team. Kaka was sensational in the first half but would not have had the same chances had Vidic and Ferdinand been playing and appart from the goals, was very uninspiring. CR had a great game and ofc opened the scoring within the forst 5mins. but nevermind these two… what about Wayne Rooney? i think he over shadowed them both put together. Rooney will be an all time great imho. he is younger than both of the others and is the least selfish. i would like to mention that CR has 22 assists this year which isnt bad for someone supposidly so selfish.

  12. Tommy says:

    kaka’s second goal showed more class that crynaldo ever has had in a scoring effort. granted, cr did have his typical goal from 1m out. he did only take 9 shots which i guess isnt that bad but whatever.
    He has the reputation of a selfish player for a reason, but he is getting better at it. historically he will play around with the ball and do some amazing skills and then pass it out of bounds or get it stolen. perfect example is the step over to rabona move he did a couple weeks ago. it was an amazing set of skills but the rabona just went out of bounds.
    Also, for man u this year, cr has taken something like 275 shots and has 22 goals. over this same period rooney has taken 170 shots and has 22 goals. 100 shots is a pretty signifigant difference between your attacking midfielder and your goal scoring forward.
    So all praise goes to rooney and kaka in the milan/man u match for me. i think cr is getting there he just isnt there yet.

  13. Vanessa says:

    kaka is the best by far

  14. abba says:

    to start wit only some one not reasonable will choose cR. i mean who got d passes,the shots the consistence who is better i and any real football fan will choose d great kaka of brazil any day any time.

  15. selasi says:

    hi i love my c ronaldo i hope every one likes him

  16. man utd says:

    kaka is better by a landscape

  17. gabriella says:


  18. anwar says:

    i think kaka is batter then cristiano ronaldo caz cris .ronaldo he is great player and even 2 kaka well but my option cris is well player ok

  19. martin says:

    there both are good but i like to watch c. ronaldo more then kaka his way better then kaka

  20. ada says:

    kaka is the best.cristiano ronaldo is very ugly.

  21. kaka Adeyemi says:

    KAKA IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the best no sentiments not that we only share the name we are pals.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Fay says:

    Ronaldo is a born genius in the game of football..hey thats y he’s d player of the year…Love you Ronaldo

  24. Anonymous says:

    YOU ARE SO CUTE????????

  25. Anonymous says:

    es bue lindoh c.ronaldoh adort u meu numero e u 91199596

  26. Jocelyn says:

    Kaka is the greatest Midfielder I have come to know and ove soooo duhh he is better. but Ronaldo can sure pull off some good Tricks out his sleeve.Yess he is younger so he might accomplish more. But oh Well Kaka is the better no matter what team he is on.

  27. gabriel says:

    christiano is weri gott


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  29. Anonymous says:

    cristiano is the best…there shouldn’t be any comparing hen everyone kno cristiano is the BEST

  30. medho says:

    my Boyfriend,roni is cool,and not ugly……..??he is the best soccer player I have ever know.

  31. Mr. UnkNown says:

    For me, Kaka is better..I neva ask people to agree wif me..The main different between Kaka and C.Ronaldo is Kaka is the team player and C.ronaldo more individual..Kaka is the team’s engine..If u say Ronaldo more entertaining, you are right but not better player than Kaka..Ronaldo dribbling all the time, so people feel he is better than Kaka..He score more goal also because he play more individual meanwhile Kaka will not take the merit all by is not all about individual skill, but the understanding of the match is more important

  32. Sam says:

    Ronaldo is easily top 5 in the world, Kaka probably the best. Ronaldo is more direct in his play and is improving as a team player every game, but right now Kaka has it all. Ronaldihno has drifted off my map, same with Frank Lampard. Messi will be incredible and Drogba has just started to come good… my top 5

  33. Anonymous says:

    Im jus lukin 4 the rite guy..and tht guy is cristiano ronaldo

  34. echa says:

    ohh… ronaldo,,, you are so handsome. i love u so much…. will you marrie me??/

  35. Ishraq says:

    I am a neutral person for now because I have to make a very very difficult choice between the two greatest players on the pitch at this current era: Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricky Kaka. I would go with Ronaldo.
    I have several reasons. Being a midfielder he has scored 23 goals this season in 51 appearances. Nearly 0.5 goals per match. Yes, maybe some of them were by penalties but he earned most of the penalties himself. Against Middlesborough for example and the derby match against Manchester City!
    He created so many goals this season and will hopefully create even more this season. In the champions league Kaka was a better player but the only reason to that is because AC Milan only focused on the Champions League. Due to this one focus, Kaka got more time and rest and a better health for the Champions League matches. Ronaldo had to focus on the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. So his work and load was three times greater than that of Kaka’s.
    Kaka only relies on his pace and accuracy while Ronaldo has a bag of tricks and has scored a few amazing goals from a great distance off the D Box. His header reach on air has reached a very high level and his pace is just fantastic and no one can name a player who can outrun Ronaldo when it comes to pace.
    Kaka is 25 and Ronaldo is 22 so Kaka is 3 years more experienced life wise. Ronaldo is better than Kaka in my perspective currently…….so in 3 years Ronaldo will improve even more because he is still growing……already a legend at the age of 22. Pele said that Kaka is better but he is a Brazilian so his perspective should not be counted because Kaka is a Brazilian himself so Pele will of course be unfair while judging.

  36. amina says:


  37. arta says:

    I am arta . My surname is osmani.You are a great footballer and i admire you so you are the best player for me . I love you cristiano Ronaldo . good bye cristi . From arta .

  38. Besi says:

    hello cristi . you are the best player in the world and also you are my favourite player after gerrard .

  39. RameezAli says:

    i think with age CR is the best.some faults are there in him but as he progress he will become a legend of all time.KAKA is a good player but he will be only a midfeilder and as for as CR is concerned he is the best to watch on the field every where.IN MY OPINION HE IS BEST OF ALL FOOTBALLERS IN HIS AGE IN THIS ERA.
    His movment remind us the greats of football,his ability of dribbling,tackling is as good as it should be,he has improved alot and he is the main thing to be watch on the field.

  40. Rameez Ali says:

    i love CRISTIANO AND KAKA both but C RONALDO is the best of any one in the world.though he is in portugal but he has the accuracy of argetine players,speed and tackling of brazilians and have the courage of english players.for me he is the best of all time.
    he is my favrite and i like to be him in future a i am still young only 45 years old….

  41. RameezAli says:

    i think with age CR is the best.some faults are there in him but as he progress he will become a legend of all time.KAKA is a good player but he will be only a midfeilder and as for as CR is concerned he is the best to watch on the field every where.IN MY OPINION HE IS BEST OF ALL FOOTBALLERS IN HIS AGE IN THIS ERA.
    His movment remind us the greats of football,his ability of dribbling,tackling is as good as it should be,he has improved alot and he is the main thing to be watch on the field.

  42. didi says:

    I think that Kaka is the better than christiano ronaldo. He is more familiar with the game and he has good sportsmanship. CR though, is a bit arrogant and mainly does tricks, which are sometimes very good. Kaka is better by a landslide.

  43. maryam says:

    i think cr is so much better then kaka and ron is so fit.
    he can play the best and he has better skills
    u got moi.
    no one is better then ronaldo he is gorge
    u got moi

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  45. ronalso veri guut play fussball ayu love yuo gjilani from kosova

  46. kosova says:

    hea ronaldo of kaka verigut ble fusbool tung klm hahahha

  47. dian eva says:

    menurut ku KAKA lah pemenang nya. karena KAKA adalah pemain bola terbaik yang pernah ku kenal

  48. Anonymous says:


  49. abel says:

    c ronaldo wins , no kaka can stop him