Man Utd v Chelsea or Watford v Blackburn – what’s your dream FA Cup final?

Ollie Irish

13th, April 2007


FaCupMoneyBox.jpgThe FA must be dying to see England’s two best teams (Man Utd and Chelsea) grace the new Wembley, and I wasn’t surprised to see the semi-final draw keep the pair apart. Scott Murray, writing in today’s Guardian sports blog, claims that he wants nothing more than a gloriously unfashionable Blackburn v Watford final. It’s a predictable, crowd-pleasing piece – and he’s right to point out that several ‘dream finals’ in recent years have failed to spark – but would the neutral really want to sit through 90 minutes of Blackburn v Watford? Apologies to Blackburn and Watford fans, but I’d much rather see Man U and Chelsea go at it – not only because the teams are stuffed with great players, but I think it would be fitting in a season where either could win a treble (or quadruple in Chelsea’s case) that one piece of the silverware jigsaw gets decided at the new Wembley.

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  1. Dom says:

    I can understand people not wanting to watch a Blackburn V Watford final. Personally, I’m just glad it isn’t going to be a Chelsea v Arsenal final. Being northern, I’m genetically predisposed to not caring about either of them and wouldn’t want to watch it.
    Neither would I be overly arsed about the outcome of a United v Chelsea final, but I know I hate Chelsea just that little bit more to want to see United win.
    A Chelsea v Watford or a Blackburn v United final should be the most appealing option for everyone to watch because there’d be an underdog in both cases. Everyone loves an underdog. Even if that underdog has Robbie Savage in it (subject to injury).

  2. Mark says:

    Did you still fancy sitting there for the FA Cup final?
    Now we can say, after and during that game, Id have rather watched paint dry.
    The Blackburn team is a bunch of battlers who want to win.
    United and Chelsea were both a huge disappointment in the Final, and Im glad they were.
    I think the Neutral fan wouldnt have even switched it on, to be honest, which is terrible on the “fans” of the game.
    Youd have seen a better game than that crap.
    Either that or United vs. Blackburn… that WOULD have been a great game.
    Imagine Bentley scoring another hat trick? ;)