Quippin’ Boy: Young Man Utd Fan Tears Nani Apart With Pithy Zinger

Chris Wright

18th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

Asked by the chaps at Full-Time Devils to sum up Nani’s piss-weak performance against Swansea on Saturday, this little United fan outside Old Trafford gave the Portuguese mimsy both barrels with a typically brusk Northern quip…

For anyone out there who doesn’t speak thick Manc, the pithy little bugger says:

“Nani? There was a spare seat next to me and me Dad up there. He should’ve been sat there!”

Out of the mouth of babes and all that!

(P.S. We’ve just been informed that this clip may have originally been from after United’s game against Sunderland last year.

If so, apologies where due – but Nani’s still bobbins so it’s still perfectly valid!)