Transfer Balls: Mehdi Benatia Wants Bayern Munich, Talks To Man Utd And Hopes To Play For Chelsea

Chris Wright

20th, August 2014


By Anorak

Italy Soccer Serie A

Roma defender Mehdi Benatia has been the subject of feverish speculation of late, with the British press linking him with a move to Manchester Untied, Chelsea and Manchester City.

So far we have learned that United have bid £24million in a bid to, er, gazump Chelsea’s £30million bid for a player who would prefer to play for Man City.

Yesterday, the Daily Star informed their readers that Benatia is going nowhere…


However, Metro reported that Benatia is definitely leaving, and that he’s heading to Manchester United or Chelsea…


The Star then U-turned and started spouting off that Benatia is leaving Roma after all, though not for the Premier League.

Those Daily Star editorial meetings must be frenzied! (We know, we know: What editorial meetings?)


For the record, Benatia did train, albeit lightly.

Also in the trusty Star came this: Fresh hope for Chelsea…


So where was the Moroccan centre-back by this point? Sky Sportknow: he was on a plane to Manchester…


And on to today. L’Equipe have more news. It seems that Benatia now wants to play for Bayern Munich…


To which the website GiveMeSport adds…


Such are the “facts”.

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  1. Chris says:

    He’ll WANT to go to whoever pays him the most.
    This is whats come to be known as a fucking mercenary wanker.
    He’ll jump ship the moment his pay is a day late.

  2. ali says:

    you seem to know a lot about him. this guy is one of the best if not the best center defender out there. Iam sure u will quit your job in a split second if u get a higher pay somewhere else. heck…u would probably suck some balls to get there ..u sound ur the type. hypocrite

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