BREAKING: Radamel Falcao Joins Man Utd On £12m Season-Long Loan Deal

Chris Wright

1st, September 2014


By Chris Wright

Britain Soccer Emirates Cup

With Arsenal, Real Madrid and Man City all heavily linked for the past few days, it looks like Manchester United have come up on the rails and pipped the lot to the signing of Radamel Falcao.

Now, it’s worth noting that the Daily Mail have a propensity to jump the gun with things like this in the name of click-baiting, but never-the-less the paper have gone ahead and confirmed that United have won the race to sign Falcao…

The Mail are reporting that the year-long fling will cost United £12million up front and see the 29-year-old Colombian striker picking up £200,000-a-week in wages.

Question is, can he fill in at centre-back?

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  1. Mo Adam says:

    Yes yes yes yes welcome to man utd falco

  2. Joe says:

    There’s absolutely nothing worrying about eight-figure loan deals. Nothing at all.
    Chevrolet United FC.
    In your face Financial Fair Play.

  3. mello says:

    how stupid is that ? one more year without Champions League football for him. It looks as if he’s trying hard to avoid the highest international competition

  4. mohammed fatai says:

    Its welcoming. What a deal.

  5. Bestie says:

    Di Maria and Falcao in one week? Ed, you bald genius! When is your statue going up outside OT?

  6. Nuno says:

    He must really HATE Champions League football…

  7. Bestie says:

    Spare us @Nuno. Were Liverpool in the CL when Suarez signed for them, or Man Shitty when they signed Tevez?

  8. Bruno says:

    People say United is the loser of the transfer window…

    — 3 old defenders out (Vidic, Rio, Evra), 3 young defenders in (Rojo, Blind, Shaw);
    — 3 midfielders out (Giggs, Nani, Kagawa), 2 midfielders in (Herrera, Di Maria);
    — 2 forwards out (Chicarito, Zaha), 1 forward in (Falcao);
    — Moyes out, van Gaal + Giggs in.

    Also some good players are emerging (Blackett, Lawrence, Lingard, Wilson).

    We still need one or two world class defensive midfieders + one world class full back. But please explain to me how is this bad business? This is great business! Still need 2 or 3 players but we are on the right path.

    Now that Nani left, Kagawa left, we just need to give away Cleverly, Anderson and Young for free and buy one or two world class defensive midfieders + one world class full back.

    Also, United will pay 6m for Falcao, not 12m.

  9. Bruno says:

    People talk about the defenders but Shaw, Blind and Rojo are yet to play this season. They are not Nesta, Maldini and Baresi but they are better than Jones, Smalling and Evans.

  10. Bestie says:

    A little voice on the back of my head keeps going “we got the guy who lost his job to Berbatov”

  11. Jamie says:

    See Woodward is signing names to please the fans instead of players the team actually need.

  12. colin says:

    I have been a lifelong supporter of Man Utd and have been against trying
    Too buy your success like Chelsea and MAN City I have always admired the
    Way Arsenal have gone about there business in the market, I only hope this
    all works! I do not think they have many options but to bring in new players because the current crop are woeful how Sir Alex ever got them
    motivated I just do not know because players like Ferdinand and Vidic
    where finished years ago and De Gea a is not the real deal.
    Rooney is not as good as he used to be since Renaldo left for Spain.

  13. Danny says:

    this is business borne out of desperation and panic. but for the huge wage Falcoa would never have signed knowing United are not in Europe this season and are not guaranteed one next season. good business for the player but am afraid it will end in tears for United. lets not forget Ramadal Falcoa is injury prone and still coming back from a long injury lay off.

  14. Dollanaire says:

    Thats awesome but Van Gaal’s 3 man defence system totally sucks

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