Ugandan Couple Have Man Utd-Themed Wedding, Although Groom Rather More Enthusiastic Than Bride (Photos)

Alan Duffy

4th, September 2014


By Alan Duffy


I don’t see this one lasting even as long David Moyes did

A couple in Uganda epitomised the global reach of Premier League football by having a Manchester United-themed wedding, although it seems from the photos that it was the groom rather than the bride who was behind the idea. I’m by no means implying that a woman can’t be just as passionate about the game as a man, but while her husband turned out in a Man Utd shirt with the words “Just Married” printed on the back, she wore a traditional white dress. Also, look at her face!

As well as the appalling Full Kit Wankerism of the Man Utd jersey, the wedding cake was a Chevrolet-themed construction in homage to the Red Devils’ sponsors while the happy couple sat in front of a massive United flag. The poor woman.

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  1. Fat Nakago says:

    Chevrolet themed, except for the car….

  2. Jarren says:

    Let’s just say I would not be typing this as a married man had I demanded such a wedding.

    All the best to the couple, and keep the faith Ugandan United supporter!

    We will rise again.

    *insert wedding night joke here*

  3. Murray says:

    I was once privy to be in attendance of a New York Islanders-themed wedding reception on Long Island, which sounds very much on par to, say, a West Ham United-themed wedding somewhere in Essex.

  4. thrillhou says:

    looks a bit like Dwight Yorke

  5. Phil says:

    Looks like a chevrolet themed wedding to me as well Fat Nakago. Why would someone put the sponsor on the cake and not the crest??

  6. brad says:

    “The global reach of Premier League…”
    I think its “the global reach of Manchester United…”

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