Clever Man Utd Fans Create Poster Lauding Ed Woodward’s Ascent From Transfer-Fumbling Zero To Big Spending Hero

Alan Duffy

6th, September 2014


By Alan Duffy

This time last season, or indeed this time a couple of months ago, Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward was the subject of much derision and anger from fans of the club frustrated at his apparent ineptitude in the transfer market.

Woodward’s lack of decisiveness along with his big-money signing of Marouane Fellaini didn’t do Man Utd’s last boss David Moyes any favours ahead of the 2013/14 season. Woodward’s stock remained low for much of this summer’s transfer window too, with Red Devils’ fans concerned at the lack of big name signings. However, by the time the window had shut, poor old Ed had finally come good, bringing Galactico-size stars such as Angel Di Maria and loan-signing Radamel Falcao.

While it remains to be seen if the huge outlay of cash will reap the requisite rewards for Louis van Gaal and co. this season, a lot of United fans have started to warm to their club’s head honcho, at least judging by this superbly made mock-up of a film poster posted on Reddit. “From Fellaini To Falcao” indeed….


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  1. jones says:

    You’ve made an article out of one picture from Reddit? Come on, really.

  2. ubergill says:

    Ha ha. I love the short term memory of football fans – Van Gaal has done awful on the pitch and in the transfer window.

    A massive amount of cash on left backs after plus an injury addled striker while the porous defense remains the same.

    Di Maria (who rather be in Paris) is decent but they overpaid so much. Man Utd are the most desperate club in the world right now and 2 weeks ago man utd supporters felt the predicament they are in but now everything is rosy!!!

    Ha! I hope the Glazers spunk all their cash and solidify 7th place forever.

  3. Joe says:

    How many more ManU articles desperately disputing the unavoidable fact that their days at the top of the tree are numbered? Those signings are a who’s who of ‘you spent how much?!’

  4. Geraldo says:

    @ubergill and joe – to quote the greatest football manager of all time, “youse are (all) f***ing idiots”. That is all.

  5. Tyler says:

    Shouldn’t they win a game before declaring him clever? They’re 0-2-2, FFS.

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