Mario Balotelli Bombarded With Racist Abuse After ‘LOL’ Tweet Following Man Utd’s Collapse Against Leicester City

Chris Wright

21st, September 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - White Hart Lane

Having watched Manchester United’s spectacular collapse against Leicester City this afternoon, Mario Balotelli (whose Liverpool side were similarly taken apart by West Ham yesterday) took to Twitter in order to ‘LOL’ along with the rest of the world, posting the following succinct message at the end of the game…


What followed was, simply put, disgusting – with Balotelli’s Twitter feed instantly bombarded by a barrage of hideous racist abuse.

The ferocity and venom contained in most of the abuse was really quite harrowing.

Here’s a mere sample of the the Liverpool forward was subjected to almost instantaneously…


Incidentally, this Craig Sainsbury character refers to himself as a “freelance journalist” in his bio.

After being called out by many Twitter users over his particularly hideous comment, Sainsbury attempted to apologised – claiming that he was already angry and that Balotelli’s “LOL” tipped him over the edge into a bigoted rage, like that even begins to mitigate or excuse his abhorrent conduct in any way.

He has since deleted his account, but not before many Twitter users reported him – including Pies’ very own Alan Duffy.

To echo the sentiments of Arsenal scout Danny Karbassiyoon (@dkarbassiyoon), the sheer amount of brazen and public racism and bigoted trolling that continues to pollute Twitter (and the internet in general) never ceases to amaze and/or appall us.

And to think, Sepp Blatter still thinks all this can be sorted out with a handshake.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Three defeats already in five games – what do Liverpoo have to make fun about. Ballotelli you ugly bastard. No wonder why your not welcomed wherever you go – that includes Italy!

  2. LBRL says:

    Kudos Alan Duffy for reporting also. All it takes is for good people to ignore and do nothing for evil and ignorance to fester.

  3. fouldsy says:

    How can football fans forget that they have black players in their own team?!?!? It beggars belief it really does

  4. Vonslaich says:


    A little bit over the top…

    And Liverpool can laugh, they may spent a lot of money, but not as much as Man United.

    I bet Moyes doesn’t seem so bad now hey?

    And don’t worry, it’s not just Balotelli who is laughing…

  5. Red_devil says:

    I feel as soon as one idiot said “monkey” all the others thought it was okay.

  6. Ian says:

    Ballotelli’s a fucking twat.

  7. petrusz says:

    *comment deleted for being jaw-droppingly moronic*

    • Terk says:

      And that makes you what? A saint? For telling the truth that Balloted li is an ape and a monkey? Is that what you call ‘truth? Then u must be seriously retarded because that is no truth. Balloteli is not an sos and a monkey and will never ever be. And if this is your idea if what truth is , then I will forever believe lies

      • Dickson says:

        You fool Terk, whoever gave you the right to call some one an ape?! Could you even have a single hair on ya head grow in a defferent colour.. It’s sincere truth that Man U is a losing team, unlike your foolish and hateful remarks

    • pot kettle says:

      learn to spell you Neanderthal

  8. Honeysuckle says:

    Good thing Mario escaped all that racist abuse in Italy for the more civilized culture of England

  9. Ali says:

    Yo man this aint right those involved in the racist comments Baloteli aint bad it’s the media who make him bad. That’s why he shouldnt of come to Liverpool

  10. Adam says:

    From what I can see, this isn’t the first time Craig sainsbury has caused trouble. He once stated a fan had been stabbed. Completely made it up.

    Oh and petrusz, you are obviously a bigoted knob jockey as well. Shame on your post

    Hopefully you’ll be found out for who you are and prosecuted. Idiot.

  11. petrusz says:

    Thank fuck I don’t live in a pathetic shithole that is the UK. You are all racist, but too afraid to admit it, goddamn manipulating and scheming Brits.
    You’re in such an uproar over this, probably more so than most black people, you’re offended in their stead.
    Thank fuck Alan Duffy (aka cunt) reported that comment, my oh my, he deserves a fucking medal of honor he does, and Chris Wright (aka flaming faggotier) deserves a dick up his arse for proudly declaring how his ass-buddy reported the mean racist.
    And Balotelli has a brain of an ape, why do you think of all the black players he’s the one who gets 90% of the worldwide racist abuse? Because he’s a goddamned ape, nvm i take that back, i’m insulting the apes by comparing that retard to them.
    He’s so stupid and asks for people to racially abuse him.

    Oh and England more civilized than Italy? Lol. That’s all i have to say. Lol.

  12. Shefferpool says:

    An unfortunate thing about comments being able to be written on blogs like these is that quite regularly young men, men whom suffer quite serious inner termoil about how class black people are and how much fun they would have being an open homosexual, take it upon themselves to leave totally outrageous racist and homophobic remarks. Mr petrusz, if this is the way you feel, you have to stop leaving these comments and be true to yourself. Acting so ying won’t make your yang dangle any better. Be true to yourself and find your peace. You can’t leave horrible comments on these manly football sites and then leave such nice ones about how fierce the vogueing on rupaul’s drag race was on the next page you load up. It’s good that you’ve managed to prize yourself away from the wanking line for 5 minutes in the past 24 hours, it’s a sign that you want start making things better. Just stop hiding behind this bigoted facade. Your life will be better. Look at how far your dad’s come in recent years. You can be fabulous too honey.

  13. Shefferpool says:

    Btw man utd are an embarrassment at the moment LOL

  14. danger says:

    Why do people comment at all?

  15. Punt says:

    @Petrusz, You’ve come out of this really well. Please, keep talking. You fucking moron.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “fouldsy says:
    September 21, 2014 at 4:34 pm
    How can football fans forget that they have black players in their own team?!?!? It beggars belief it really does”

    Sorry, and this makes a difference how? Are you suggesting that if they didn’t have any black players in their team that it would be okay to have abused Balotelli because that’s the tone you’re inferring.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it was clear from the original post that he/she meant it along the lines of the fact they will more than likely have black players on the team that they support, thus making them massive hypocrites. I didn’t get from the original post that if their team was made up of only white players then it would be OK to racially abuse a player who is black/yellow/orange/purple etc. Please do not try and trivialise what is a serious issue and growing problem within the UK (see the growing support for UKIP and other similar groups).

  17. Boomtown says:

    Petrusz you seem like a well balanced and good natured fellow, I’d love to have you round for Christmas. What say you old chap? I do have brown hair and my favourite colour is green though, not sure if those inane facts are on your bigoted ‘things I hate’ list. Fucking people with brown hair eh? Fucking cunts ALL OF EM! Unfortunatly for you, the rest of Britain (mostly) is dragging itself out of the middle ages, towards a place where INDIVIDUALS are judged by their actions and the content of their character, I say unfortunately for you, because your character is made up of uneducated hatred you boring fuck. Balotelli is a footballer, that’s it. He plays a sport. That you get a hard on by shouting things from behind your computer screen says more about you than him.

  18. Ray Shull says:

    I don’t hate Mario because of his colour – I hate him because he’s a C|_|NT!!

  19. James says:

    Those “BIGOTS” do not represent the people of the UK or any other Civilised Country. They are small-minded self centred individuals with no respect for others, black or white!

  20. tony says:

    whats the big deal in tweeting “man utd LOL” I’m a man utd fan; I watched the match and also found it tragically funny. Opposing fans routinely makes fun of each other, why should players be excluded from such. FCOL, football is supposed to be fun. Besides this same Balotelli can sign for man utd tomorrow with same acerbic fans rooting for him.

  21. duba says:

    Wow wow just wow and damn wow. I’ve just lost my faith in human species after I got some left,I lost it all. For who commented on Mario in harsh way calling him abusive names I just wanna ask you what you done in life except sitting on the internet and writing shit about a successful player who had a life??? You all pricks why your parents did not taught you manners you jarheads??? The funny part some of them are pakis and non white. Lol lol . Bless you Mario and good luck

  22. duba says:

    World full of sickness and haters fukkk you haters and lol because you havnt got life as marios. Media is nasty to post on what he said. Mario try nd fuckingg delete your tweeter you don’t need it. Fulll of lifeless and hatets. Just delete tweeter they making money out if you by selling what you say. Delete it

  23. papa says:

    What I found funny is some fools talk against racism when they are racist themselves. The human paradox in action :)))))

  24. sylvester says:

    As a black person i cant help but feel very angry reading these messages to balotteli. you can sense that even if he didnt tweet about man united losing these people will jump at every opportunity to abuse blacks i grew up in zimbabwe i went to school with white people in northlea high school and whites were a minority but they were no such abuses where is this hate coming from and by publishing these messages i think you just make these haters proud. I read about racism evryday I see it evry second day but this makes me really angry

  25. Antony says:

    Football fans are so Juvenile. If you ever attend a live match no of this will surprise you. Fact is Mario is a good player and worth a lot of money. Naturally that is just going to attract jealousy and envy. He is a bit arrogant but you cannot play top flight football and not have self belief. The language is unacceptable, just not surprising.

  26. edi mandala says:

    Balotelli is my hero! Speaking as a black community artist I am reflectively proud of his achievements. Mario , if you want to have a mosaic portrait of you to immortalise your gifts, just reply ‘yes’ to me. God bless ya bro….

  27. Anonymous says:

    fuck all those who comented on balo tweets

  28. James says:

    I’m not condoning racism, but perhaps Balotelli should keep his dumb mouth shut. Even if none of the comments were racist he is still going to receive a ton of abuse and flak, and he must have known that. The boy seems to live for the aggro and is evidently a moron. By the looks on Brendan Rodger’s face at the weekend, I’l eat my hat if the waste of space is at Liverpool next season.

  29. little pea says:

    mario is my little sister. she’s lovely. you just leave her alone, you nasty boys….

  30. I am just a black man says:

    Just the skin colour ? Whats so special about calling yourself a White man when you are actually pink? Or calling yourself black when you are actually brown? Why? Anyone with answers?

  31. Dennis says:

    Why do people bother to go on these stupid networking sites if a simple comment results in you being abused. The abusers are those who trek down the pub or belong to the BNP OR some racist organization.

  32. Paul says:

    ” fouldsy says:
    September 21, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    How can football fans forget that they have black players in their own team?!?!? It beggars belief it really does”


    You’re about as racist as the same people yourself. What you’re suggesting is that it would be okay to tweet racist abuse if there’s nobody black in your favourite team.

  33. martin says:

    supermario comes here an entertains all great bloke , its a shame all those small minded idiots have access to the net !

  34. andrew says:

    Man U fan here, and I just wanted to apologize to everyone, to Mario foremost and most obviously, for having to suffer these racist comments. Racism is a sick disease and we need to stamp it out forever. Love my soccer. Love all the fans. Love every player for showing that sport can be so much fan, and oh so painful!

  35. Cockneychimp says:

    I suspect our friend Petrusz is a sceptic and therefore will have little idea of the depth of feeling that runs through supporters. He is obviously struggling with an inferiority complex. All this calling Balloteli a monkey has hindered my calling all northerners Northern Monkeys as it will now be taken as rascist when the fact is we’re all descended from apes. I am a little surprised at the retro eighties monkey calling and the banana thingys on the tweets but I’m not surprised at the vehemenance that Mario’s lol has inspired.
    Do they do celery in those emoticon things?

  36. Jarren says:

    Can someone please just explain to me what the fuck is up with that picture of Balotelli up at the top there?

    Take it off this website NOW.

  37. Frederick says:

    It is unfortunate that in this error someone can refer to a fellow human being as an ape. Not doubt it was amazing how Man U collapsed.

  38. Damnd says:

    pay me the amount of money he makes and you can call me whatever you want

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