Man Utd To Finalise £40m Deal For David Villa?

Chris Wright

22nd, March 2010


By Chris Wright

I can’t help but feel like we’ve been here before…

Manchester United are ready to steal a march on their rivals (probably every other major club in Europe) by submitting a huge £40 million bid for Valencia striker David Villa before the World Cup gets underway in June.

United have reportedly sent scouts to nearly every Valencia game this season and Chief Scout Martin Ferguson (brother of manager Sir Alex) has urged the club to make their move after watching Villa net a hat-trick in Los Che’s 4-4 draw with Werder Bremen in the Europa League last week.

It is widely believed that 28-year-old Villa will finally leave Valencia this summer, and the Spanish ace has gone on record expressing his love for United’s brand of attacking football on numerous occasions – which seemingly puts them firmly in the hot seat should Villa chose a move to The Premier League.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Villa plying his trade in the Prem as much as the next man – the guy is a ridiculously good striker- but £40 million? Surely that’s a bit rich for a player who isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore?

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  1. alex says:

    i dont see it happening unless the club take over happens quickly as glazer goes out, i see that possibly prolonging some stuff.

  2. PETER H. says:

    it would be amazing ¡ David Villa and Rooney ¡ oh my god ¡ I´ve been watching Villa from 5 yrs ago and i can say that he guarantee 30/35 goals per season, United should go for him right now before The SouthAfrica World Cup LATER COULD BE TOO LATE ¡

  3. kritter says:

    you guarentee 30/35 goals? how much you want to bet? sure he’s good, but there’s no way he’s scoring that many if rooney’s on the pitch at the same time.

  4. Hootie says:

    While I don’t share his zeal for punctuation, I agree with Peter that Villa is as close to guaranteed to be successful as it gets. I think that’s what ManU would be banking on here. Even when Liverpool bought Torres, there was that whole, “Is this too much for a player that has flashes of brilliance but might not adjust to the Prem?” debate. Villa, though a little bit older, is a complete player that scores bags of goals of every variety and would surely do so to greater effect partnered with Rooney.

  5. smithy says:

    if it was arsenal being linked with him, you’d be creaming your pants

  6. Michael Calleja says:

    I always admired this player because he can create scoring chancres for the other strikers and he is a scorer himself.fergie shouldn`t loose this player because I`m sure he will be one of the bets players this summer.

  7. Carry T. says:

    David Villa is a top world class player, so simple like that. Question is Has United money to get him ? I don´t think so. I hope be wrong Villa/ Rooney would be fantastic.

  8. PHIL says:

    Villa older ? 28 mean he´s got the next five yrs scoring the best from him. Fergie loves him question is money, money money….

  9. Andre says:

    Maybe if United could get a duo deal with Villa and Silva for around 50 million I would approve. But that much for one striker who is a bit old might not be the best move.

  10. Michael says:

    But does he really want to play with a bunch of trees like Fergie’s? In a perfect world both Torres and Villa would’ve been in Arsenal playing football they love.

  11. kasigaire jonathan says:

    I think it will be the hottest striking line in the world but i think money might be the problem for man.unted and David Villa’s football can match with that of united

  12. Alfie says:

    I’d take him but not for £40million that’s a ridiculous price, maybe half that. I reckon fergie should go for someone younger + taller such as Dzeko, he’s only 23/24

  13. IanTran says:

    I thought United didn’t over-spend like Chelsea as their fans say?


  14. Colin says:

    Villa would easily scored 30+ goals at United.

    Guy is amazing and worth more than 40 million, far superior to Zlatan who cost more.

  15. ian says:

    I aggree with Andre, there is no doubting the quality
    of Villa, i think 60mil 35 for Villa and 25 for Silva,
    throw in Rodwell, and United will be so far up the tree
    that Michael talks about, he can kiss the roots.

  16. Pryce says:

    Can’t argue with fergie, if he’s offering 40mill, he’s worth it

  17. Pasha presha says:

    Well said pryce!

  18. Man U Fan says:

    hmmm Rooney has shown he plays best when up front on his own. As with any of the world class strikers about in the Prem. This would mean either sticking him / rooney out on the wing… doesnt really seem worth changing back to the 442 for? As this season we have seen Nani Valencia Scoles Fletcher Park all flourish in the 541.

  19. Man U Fan says:

    sorry I mean 451 :)

  20. richard says:

    Although I’d love to see Villa at UTD I agree that the fee is too much given his age – is 40 mill worth it for one good 4/5 year contract. I’d love to see us sign him but I think Aguero would be a better option at just 23. Either or both for me!

  21. gakman says:

    too old

    aguero and silva
    40 + 20

  22. Jim says:

    Did we not win the treble with 4 strikers? I’d love to see Villa at United but I also think Rooney is now experienced enough to be the leading man. We can afford to get some kind of apprentice I think. Some one young with great potential. I like the Hulk from Porto but he looked average against Arsenal. Can anyone think of maybe a differnent player. I honestly cannot see Fergie needing another star striker. He didn’t make any waves and January. But then again, if Wazza gets injured………

  23. Jones says:

    Villa is a very selfish player he cant play in manutd because when Ronaldo is still at old trafford rooney works for him to score great goals when ronaldo left for spain rooney start scoring great goals so villa cant cope wasting of money is that.

  24. Ryan says:

    Not happening, no way will they spend that much on him, unfortunately.

  25. Chris says:

    United said only last Summer that they weren’t going to spend big money on players over 27 in future.

    Maybe they have the cash to spend, as they claim. But they aren’t going to spend it on a player who will leave for next to nothing in a few years tome.

  26. a mac says:

    even in the unlikely event of this happening, £40m is just daylight robery for a 28 yearold!

  27. The last Gun says:

    Don’t See this Happening, and TBH David Villa would be 100% better in an Arsenal shirt, but come the world cup you’ll see age doesn’t really matter, Villa will be on fire for spain

  28. Gilly says:

    £30 million summer won’t buy them Villa but sell Anderson and Berbatov to hope fully raise around another £30 million and then do a joint £50 million deal for both David Villa and David Silva. Let’s face it as well age does not matter with such an amazing class act finisher such as Villa himself. Left over cash can then fund a move for a class shot stopper such Hugo Lloris of Lyon or Igor Akinfeev of CSKA Moscow. That would then allow us to sell the shocking Ben Foster.

  29. Gilly says:

    Follow on from other Gilly post. Also sell Wes Brown. Sell Tom Kuszczak. Sell Zoran Tosic. Sell Rod Possebon. Sell Gab Obertan. Sell Rob Zieler. Sell Mame Diouf. Plus the money for Foster. That Should Raise £50 million. Sign the other Keeper and Simon Kjaer plus Rodwell and Gosling. Could then sell O’shea for £10 Million.

  30. Alex says:

    Can’t argue with fergie, if he’s offering 40mill, he’s worth it

  31. Mary says:

    Well said pryce!

  32. Bugg says:

    if it was arsenal being linked with him, you’d be creaming your pants.

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