New ‘Study’ Reveals 95% Of Football Shirts Sold In Manchester Are Man Utd Shirts

Chris Wright

22nd, January 2015


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v Manchester United - Etihad Stadium

As is their wont, the chaps over in the Sports Direct marketing department have been looking into their football shirt sales of late; crunching the numbers, compiling a study (and please note we use the word ‘study’ in the loosest possible sense here) and coming up with a few semi-surprising results.

Focusing on the sales of their eight biggest selling Premier League shirts – Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – Sports Direct have been able to ascertain where in the world each club have flogged the most replicas during the 2014/15 season so far.

For example, Villa actually sell more shirts in Dublin (accounting for 24.46% of total sales) than they do in Birmingham (15.83%)…


Venturing further south, Chelsea have unsurprisingly shifted over half of their shirts in the London area (56.30%), the next highest hotspot on the Blues’ breakdown is Lagos in Nigeria (8.43%) – several percentage points above Sheffield, Glasgow and Brighton…


The strangest stat, however, is the percentage of shirt sales in Manchester – with United accounting for an overwhelming 94.54% of the city’s total sales, while City only clock in with a paltry 5.43%…


Of course, it means next to nothing, with City fans obviously buying their shirts elsewhere, but still – you’d probably expect it to be a little closer run than that, no?

Anyway, individually both City and United see the majority of their shirts being sold in London – with United selling just 10.33% of their wares in Manchester as opposed to 44.71% in the capital.

Those figures are even lower on the blue half of the divide, with City seeing just 4.72% of their shirts sold on home soil, compared with 27.95% in London.

Thrilling stuff, no? Well no, it’s utterly pointless PR guff really – but hey ho.

Sports Direct’s full findings are available to peruse here if you so wish.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most local fans would surely buy from the club shop

  2. Cosa says:

    Had a look at the Newcastle figures; 10% more shirts purchased in London than Newcastle. I can only assume that this is because the club shops in Newcastle do more business than sports direct. Though there are, of course, 18 times as many people in Greater London as in Tyne and Wear.

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