Brendan Rodgers Was Never Interested In Signing Memphis Depay For Liverpool Anyway, So There

By Chris Wright

Brendan Rodgers would just like you to know that, after taking a battering from Liverpool fans for failing to deliver yet another proposed new signing, he was never that interested in signing Memphis Depay in the first place. No siree bub.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Manchester United beat Rodgers and Liverpool to the punch yesterday by announcing they’d agreed a £22million deal with PSV for the Dutch winger, who is now set to rock up at Old Trafford come July.

Let’s see how the timeline of events unfolded shall we?

* * * * *

Brendan Rodgers – April 26th:

“I wouldn’t like to confirm (my interest in Depay) either way. The kid is a very talented player…It’s clear we need the goal threat for next year.”

“We’ve identified that a striker is a priority but we’ll have to see availability first and then take it from there…It would be for the players to decide whether we’re an attractive club.”

Kind of sort of sounds like you may be hinting at a little sliver of interest there, Brendan.

* * * * *

May 7th:

* * * * *

Brendan Rodgers, May 8th:

“[Pursuing Depay] wasn’t something we were ever interested in.”


Real head-scratcher isn’t it?

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  1. kopite4lyf says:

    he’s shite anyway

    • What4 says:

      I’m struggling to figure out if you mean Depay or Rodgers.

      Another interpretation is that kopite4lyf is actually Rodgers himself.

  2. Chris says:

    Its laughable that they snatched another player off liverpool but of course they portray it that way through the media to make it out like they’re the bigger club.

    Even more evidence – that the timing of the deal seems to coincide nicely with the race for fourth spot.

    Unfortunately MU we have pretty savvy & resilient owners as time will show, they love this sh*t.

  3. leppystew says:

    @Chris – “make out like they’re a bigger club” pretty sure they are the bigger club.
    -More fans. check
    -Bigger stadium. check
    -More money in the bank. check
    -Much higher revenue. check
    -Able to attract world class players (no matter how they fared) despite no cl. check
    -Have won the league in the past 25 years. check


  4. Chris says:

    @Leppystew – Exactly…can’t dispute all of those reasons but for all of that, they’re still manipulating the media to make it look like they snatched a player off LFC. Why?

    To me it says they’re using LFC as example to show we’re stronger than the most decorated club in the league.

    To mask the fact they spent 250 million in one season to fluke 4th spot with basis of a side that won the EPL 2 years ago.

    They manipulate the media to give good publicity to the fans. In this case, they used LFC…no thank yous nessesary.

    Even PSG got roped in…since when has a dutch player gone to france?

    BTW – Deluded is your manager saying they will win the league. Last season, 13 pts behind the leader would get you 6-7th.

  5. SG says:

    Memphis was only ever going to Old Trafford. Doesn’t matter what the media, Brenda or anyone else says.

  6. ChrisCan says:

    @Chris “since when has a dutch player gone to france?”

    Does Gregory van der Wiel ring any bells?

  7. Chris says:


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