Manchester United Boss Louis Van Gaal Sings About Louis Van Gaal Outside Old Trafford (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, May 2015

By Chris Wright

What with Manchester United tying up a return to the Champions League with their 1-1 draw against Arsenal on Sunday, there was a distinct levity around Old Trafford after the match as the team waved goodbye for another year (their final fixture being away at Hull City).

Obviously the festivities duly continued underneath the terraces, with Louis van Gaal emerging later that evening to sign a few autographs and have a little sing-song with the United fans outside.

With supporters chanting “Louis van Gaal’s Red Army!” as the United coach scribbled away, the Dutchman suddenly let out an loud and slightly slurred rendition of his eponymous chant – much to the amusement of everybody in earshot…

So was he a bit skewiff on the old sozzle pop?

Well, yes, it would appear that LVG enjoys a nip of Chateauneuf-du-Pape just as much as one of his predecessors famously did…

What a hero.

(Via Joe)