Manchester United 2015/16 Kits Leak, New Third Strip Is Slice Of Early 90’s Retro Goodness (Photos)

By Chris Wright

As modelled by an incredibly serene Ashley Young (bird guano is obviously one helluva drug), this photo purporting to be Manchester United’s brand new Adidas home shirt for 2015/16 has leaked out all over the internet in the past 24 hours…


Meh, we could take it or leave it. It just looks a bit “basic template-y” to us and, once again, that chintzy gold Chevrolet logo does it no favours whatsoever.

The away kit looks like more of the same, just with the colours inverted…


But the new third strip, now that’s an entirely different matter – solely by virtue of Adidas attempting something a little off the beaten track with a little design Easter egg for fans of a certain vintage…



We’re getting definite shades of 1990-1992 retro goodness. That greyscale fade is positively an ode to the Hewlett-Packard inkjet printers of the time.

In fact, it’s the very same tessellating foil pattern as used on United’s away kit from that era – that last time Adidas produced the club’s clobber…

Nice one, Adidas. Help yourself to 10 Pies points.

What’s the verdict (on both kits) folks? Yapple-dapple or nopey-dopey?

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  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    Is it just a bad image, or are the sleeves enormous?

  2. Curley says:

    @mr chopper, the jersey will be baggy to go along with the whole 90’s theme. Tight fit shirts are very recent

  3. Red_Devil says:

    I read somewhere that, depending on the club, the first 1-3 years a team will get a “basic template-y” kit after which they will get to have input in the design.

  4. Russ says:

    That home strip is a testament to nothingness – white surrender bands on the arms, stripes that go nowhere, and that dumb-f*** logo which makes the players look used cars waiting (out on a lonely lot somewhere) to be picked up on the cheap. The use of Mr. Young as the ‘model’ is a cherry on top of the sundae of blasé.
    All in all, a wet fart trapped in a vacuum of utter insouciance.

  5. Other Dave says:

    @Russ – tell us how you really feel…

  6. Terry Shedingham says:

    I was going to say what a load of rehashed shite they are, but I believe Russ said all that needs to be said!

  7. Bestie says:

    They do look like crap, but what the hell|. For 750 million we’ll wear burlap sacks

  8. Karl says:

    Russ, haven’t you noticed that all adidas kits have “stripes that go nowhere”? It’s to leave room for the sleeve badges.

  9. Hugh Jass says:

    I’m with Russ.

  10. Oliver jones says:

    I like them

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