Transfer Balls: Manchester United To Lodge £25m Bid For Raheem Sterling Before Rafa Benitez Makes His Move

Paul Sorene

4th, June 2015



Transfer Balls have been keeping tabs on the rumours that Raheem Sterling is leaving Liverpool for Manchester United.

The Daily Mirror reckon United will offer £25million for the England winger. How it knows this is left unsaid but, of course, these important, well-placed sources need to be protected.

Meanwhile, ESPN suggest that Liverpool would rather sell Sterling to Arsenal. The fee? Lots of money plus Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs.

The Star proffer that Manchester City have £40million stashed away and reserved for Sterling.

Just a few short hours ago, Sterling was surely heading to Real Madrid, where he’d link up with former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez.

Newly sat in the Real Madrid ejector seat, Benitez was very quick to read aloud from the Real Madrid Big Book Of Transfers:

“We admire [Raheem], that’s no secret – but he is not one of our players so I can’t really comment on him.”

Of course it’s worth remembering that a Real Madrid non-comment is in actual fact a huge massive throbbing mega-comment that they fancy pilfering Sterling.

And so it goes on…