Fergie says Liverpool have no chance against Milan in the Champions League final. Is he right?

wine_racks2_small.jpgWith the Premiership title in the bag, Alex Ferguson has written off Liverpool’s chances of winning a sixth European title later this month. ‘I told Carlo [Ancelotti, Milan’s boss] at the end of our semi-final that there is no way he can now not win this competition,’ said Fergie.
‘Carlo gave me a magnificent bottle of wine. But I immediately told him there is no point in giving such a wonderful gift if he then fails in the final. In fact, I told him I would only drink his wine once I see him lifting the Champions Cup.’ [Via Guardian]
It seems all it takes to win Fergie’s approval is a good bottle of claret. A few words for you Fergie, which you can now rearrange into a sentence: Write. Liverpool. Never. Off.

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  1. Thom says:

    I think the last four words some up the situation entirely.
    Like I said before, I’m sick of hearing how good Milan are. Yes, it is likely they are going to be winners; but they are 4th in Serie A, 30 points behind Inter. Reality is NOT kaka’.
    Yes, league position doesn’t tell you how good a cup team you are; but Liverpool’s Champions league past can hardly be questioned.

  2. David Gaines says:

    Well its just a simple act of jealousy isnt it united arent good enough to beet such a team like milan.
    im a liverpool fan and i mean united were plain lucky against us any way but weve got a great chance the champions league is what the club is best at.

  3. Will Johnson says:

    Such arrogance from fergie! I’m sure his problem is that the taste of defeat will become even more difficult for him to stomach should Liverpool win.
    I’ve been a football fan for close on 50 years now and over that time I’ve realised that only one thing is certain, and that is that anything can happen, and a team’s potential is not always realised on the day.
    He, like the rest of us, will have to wait until the final whistle to see which team had the teamwork, desire and luck to win out.