Thiago Silva: Angel Di Maria Is ‘Stepping Up To A Big Club’ By Leaving Manchester United For PSG

Chris Wright

3rd, August 2015



PSG defender Thiago Silva has said that Angel Di Maria is ‘stepping up to a big club’ by leaving Manchester United to join him at the Parisian club.

Di Maria has been photographed arriving in Doha today ahead of his PSG medical as the £44million deal continues to near its inevitable conclusion.

Anyway, in the act of ditch United after just one season at Old Trafford, Silva reckons the Argentinian will be moving up a level.

The Brazilian centre-half is quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying:

I think that people now need to respect PSG as a club, and our position as one of the big clubs in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona are probably on another level, but after that if you are joining PSG it means you are probably taking a step up.

We went further than any English clubs in Europe last year – even beating the English champions.

Every season we keep our best players despite much interest, and always add the best players in Europe. How many clubs can say that? The vision our owners have for this club is very clear, and that is for PSG to be the best.

PSG, of course, were formed in 1970 and thus are only 44 years old (only three years older than Ryan Giggs).

They also only managed to win two previous Ligue 1 titles before the Qatari Royal Family popped up and flooded the place with money in 2012 – the last of which was some 18 years prior.

We think perchance, that Mr Silva is confusing “big” with “stinking bloody rich”.

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  1. m tucker says:

    silva has got to be kidding psg a big club and up a level from utd id test him for drugs

  2. Anonymous says:

    PSG isnt even bigger than Liverpool so how can that weak defender say PSG is bigger than man utd ..all he has ever won is the French league …witch is the poorest league ever an very easy league …that’s why di maria is going course he has proven to the world that he cont play in the toughest league ever I don’t c him as cr7 or leo10 level so only weak players play in weak leagues

  3. squiggle says:

    Ligue 1 isn’t quite as strong as the Premier League or La Liga but it’s still a strong league. PSG will probably win it again, but Bayern will probably win in Germany and Juventus in Italy.
    More importantly for those clubs, they’re genuine contenders in the Champions’ League, which is where Di Maria is probably hoping to make his mark (whether from Manchester or Madrid or Paris). To say that only Real Madrid and Barcelona are a level up from PSG is overstating the case, but PSG is one of the major clubs.

  4. Matthieu says:

    I know it is fashionable to criticize and denigrate the qatari psg (which also made a big fringe of nostalgic psg fans of the 90s). Despite his young age, psg is the most successful club of France all times with a lot of cups, and before Qatar, it was already a popular club with a great stadium and a hot atmosphere. In the 90s, in euro cups, not so many clubs enjoyed playing against the Psg of Weah, Rai, Ginola and Co. But it is indisputable, MU history is much more glorious

  5. SA says:

    well they did win the inter toto, and four league uns, hands up who watches the french

  6. johnny says:

    and I’m a City fan

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