‘I Feel Really Sorry’ – Angel Di Maria Writes Open Letter To Manchester United Fans After Ditching Them For PSG

Chris Wright

7th, August 2015



Having completed his extrication to PSG yesterday, Angel Di Maria made sure to leave Manchester United fans with an open letter to be going on with.

Having managed just one disappointing year at Old Trafford, the Argentinian offered forth a few platitudes to ease the pain – thanking the United family for their support, assuring them they’d always be in his heart and so on and so forth.

Di Maria’s farewell note, as transcribed by Guillem Balague, reads thus:

To Manchester United:

I write this note to thank all the Manchester United family for the great support received during the year I’ve been part of this Club.

When Manchester United chose me as part of their team I felt extremely honoured because I knew what this Club means and how it trusted me.

Nevertheless, I’m aware things didn’t work as we all expected and believe me, I feel really sorry about it. However in the career of a football player sometimes the unexpected and unwanted may happen.

I can guarantee you it was not for trying. I did my best but football is not like maths: often a lot of things out of our control affect the way we feel and the way things turn out. I am sorry it did not work out as I would have wished in this amazing huge club.

I want to give special thanks to all the Directors and Management of Manchester United as well as to every member of the staff and colleagues as they gave me all their support. Also a special mention to all the fans who always trusted me and showed me their respect and love.

Now is time to move to PSG but the Glorious Manchester United Club will be forever in my memory !

Wish you all the best in the world.

With best regards,

Angel Di Maria

Terribly moving stuff.

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  1. Sultan says:

    Nothing but a tissue of lies…guy lost interest playing for Man Utd.. I am glad he went to PSG since he wanted to go there last year but PSG had FFP !! Anyways good luck ADM, thanks for some memories !!

  2. Straight Dave says:

    If Ronaldo or somebody had written this upon leaving the club for pastures new you’d be able to believe that the meaning was genuine. But as it’s Di Maria after a whole one season at United; erm.. no.

  3. Bob says:

    @Straight Dave

    I think it sounds pretty genuine to be honest. God knows what happened (VG probably) but fair play to him for actually writing something humble and respectful, rather than a full page spread of him celebrating with a 3 word thank you ***cough cough LALLANA cough cough**

  4. Saladinho says:

    Very nice letter from Mr. Mendes there

  5. Captain Obvious says:

    I’d like to point out that even in maths – or “math” as we say in the US of America – I often felt like things out of my control affected the way I felt and the way things turned out.

    di Maria is a scoundrel to United about football and a scoundrel to me about mathematics.

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