David De Gea’s £29m Move To Real Madrid Goes Down The Pan – Twitter Reacts With Usual Level Of Compassion And Kindness

Chris Wright

1st, September 2015



As you’ve no doubt heard, David De Gea’s move to Real Madrid collapsed last night thanks to an administrative error that caused the registration documents to be filed after the Spanish transfer deadline.

The net result was three months of negotiations going down the tubes. Thankfully, however, Twitter was on hand to react with its usual levels of compassion and sensitivity…

“I put .hotmail instead of .gmail”

Here’s GIF-master general @OllyRamone on the perils of conducting your transfer business via Ebay sniping (just press play)…

Obligatory Simpsons GIF: “De Gea trying to leave United”

“Rafa Benitez trying to open the De Gea file”

What a friggin’ palaver.

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  1. Louis_Van_Clueless says:

    Oh come on! This is NOT a “farce”. This is typical Madrid at their best. They “accidentally” mess up the paperwork meaning they are now not ‘allowed’ to pay £25m to United for a player they can sign for free on a pre-contract agreement in six months (all whilst having a decent keeper player every week in the mean time). Damn those fax machines, eh…

  2. Wilson says:

    This de gea issue has to go down as one of the all time transfers sagas. what a farce? Either way, there is foul play and betrayal along the way.

  3. Bruno says:

    Real Madrid is a joke! Well, the hell with them. United now have a decent goalkeeper back and time to buy a replacement for the next season (Lloris ?).
    If they are paying $36m for a 19 year old named Martial I’m sure they won’t bankrupt by missing out on getting $29m for fucking De Gea.

    Apparently, this is what happened:

    ”Real Madrid decided to leave it until the last minute. Why? Partly because they felt they could bring the price down. Manchester United were saying the deal was €40m including Keylor Navas. All summer, however, Real Madrid have been saying they would never pay €40m. They started leaking to the press that the agreement was €35m – minus €15m for Navas, so quite a cheap deal.
    Don’t forget that Navas had a great pre-season; there was a poll in Madrid that said 80 per cent of fans didn’t want De Gea. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact Real left it late?”

    What a mess.

  4. Anonymous says:

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