Memphis Depay Criticised For ‘Dressing Like A Peruvian Pan Flute Player’ To Report For International Duty

Chris Wright

19th, October 2015



Photo: Jerry Lampen/AFP/Getty Images

Having gone off the boil for Manchester United of late, Memphis Depay is also facing criticism for his recent performances at international level too.

Depay, who has something of a reputation for his suspect attitude in his native country, failed to provide any kind of creative catalyst as the Netherlands’ Euro 2016 qualification campaign went tits up last week, with ex-Twente manager Co Adriaanse sticking his oar in in the aftermath.

Speaking on Studio Voetbal, Adriaanse gave Depay both barrels for being a bit of a Big Time Charlie:

He needs to be corrected. He must realise that he is a member in a football team, that he is not just an individual, a 100 metre sprinter like Usain Bolt.

He arrived as a Peruvian pan flute player at Huis ter Duin (the Dutch team hotel).

If you are a young boy and still have not done anything, do not play dress up as you report to the coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo does that, but at least he is proven.

Co’s only gone and hit the spijker on the kop.

Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to prevent Big Time Charlie-itis taking hold when you’re turning players into millionaires before their 17th birthday.



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  1. Dinzinger says:

    Adriaanse is not wrong. What a clown.

  2. Bruno says:

    I don’t see the connection between the clothes you wear off the field and your performance. This kind of comment comes from small, jealous, stupid people with nothing to do. Ok, personally I think the clothes are horrible and I would never wear something like that but who am I or this fucker Adriaanse to tell someone what to wear? We are all individuals, we dress the way we want to. It’s not like he’s in the pub all night and then failing to perform the next day because he’s drunk. He’s just wearing ugly clothes.

    “Memphis Depay missed an open goal against Barcelona because he was wearing a Peruvian coat 3 days ago.”

    Come on, go get a girlfriend, Adriaanse. Or a boyfriend. Idiot. Then type “Messi suit” on Google.

  3. Bruni says:

    I think Adriaanse is not the only one here who should get a girlfriend to stop getting worked-up about trivial stuff…

    “It’s not like he’s in the pub all night and then failing to perform the next day because he’s drunk”. Well, funnily enough the comments on his clothes were made as a joke on the side, after noting that Depay was too often seen drinking in Manchester clubs the night before matches. As was the case in Eindhoven.

    That being said too, he does look like a moron on the picture, and he deserves the bench for that alone.

  4. juan lunair says:

    I thought he was going for a Tom Baker look personally.

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