David Beckham Not Happy As Noel Gallagher Forces Him To Pose Next To Man City Flag (Photo)

Chris Wright

11th, December 2015

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While we’re not overly sure what the precise sequence of events is leading up to this photo, it’s fair to say that David Beckham doesn’t look best pleased about being forced to pose in front of a Man City flag after the latter’s gig at the Royal Albert Hall last night.

“Color”? No ‘u’? Oh David, you’ve been living in Yankland for too long, son!

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Haha it’s true, I’ve been living here in Canada for a few years and tend to use the Americanised (or should that be Americanized) spellings.

    To be honest it’s mainly just to fit in, as part of my job requires communicating to people online.

    If I’m conversing with British people I do slip back into da proper spellingz. Innit.

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