Who ate all the pies? FA Cup final fans apparently

Ollie Irish

18th, May 2007

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pie_footy_203x152.jpgScience boffins have found that each fan at tomorrow’s FA Cup final will leave an eco-footprint 10 times the size of that of a fan watching the game at home. And the main reason for this? The humble half-time pie and beer apparently. Andrea Collins of Cardiff University said: “They are highly processed food and drink products which require a lot of energy to produce.”
Her research into the 2004 final showed that Man Yoo and Millwall fans demolished 37,624 sausage rolls, pies or pasties, 26,965 sandwiches, 17,998 hot dogs, 12,780 burgers, 11,502 packets of crisps and 23,909 portions of chips. And this was all washed down with 303,001 pints of lager, 66,584 pints of beer and 38,906 pints of cider, as well as 12,452 bottles of wine, 90,481 shots and 63,141 bottles of alcopops. With none of the packaging being recycled, it all added up to a environmentally nasty final. [Via Guardian]

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1 Comment

  1. James Dudek says:

    Man, I’d like to put my carbon footprint up the ass of Andrea Collins…..shut up biatch.