Craig Gordon linked with Manchester United. How many goalkeepers do they need at Old Trafford?

Ollie Irish

21st, May 2007


gordon.jpgThe weekend papers linked Heart goalkeeper Craig Gordon with a move to Manchester United. If there is any truth in the rumours, the likes of Thomas Kuszczak and Ben Foster must be scratching their heads. Edwin van der Sar remains one of the best keepers in the Premiership; Kuszczak has never really let them down when he has stepped in and Ben Foster is pushing to be England’s number one.
This leads me to conclude that, even though Gordon is undoubtedly a very good goalie capable of moving to the Prem, United shouldn’t really be spending a reported £8 million bring in a new keeper.
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  1. xorg says:

    Maybe they want him so nobody else can have him. But he’d be a mug to go there – he’d hardly ever get a game.

  2. daf says:

    As both a Scotland and ManU supporter I’d love to see him move there, but the goalkeeping situation is so good at united there really would be no place for him. As long as he stays out of the hands of the other big clubs, but moves to a decent premiership team, that would be great.

  3. Ashley says:

    Ben Foster would make a great Arsenal keeper.

  4. utlendingur says:

    it´s quiet clever actually.
    MU buys around 20 really good goalkeepers and loan them to the other teams in premiership. like with Foster last year in Watford.
    but in every loan deal MU make sure your goalie is not playing against ManUtd. this way MU could have advantage in almost every game as opposing team would be using second goalie and not the first one.
    Kuszczak to Sunderland, Foster to Everton, Gordon to West Ham and so on.