‘He’s Going To Manchester’ – Sister Of Ex-Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti Claims Jose Mourinho Is Headed For Man Utd (Video)

Alan Duffy

20th, February 2016


Bedy Moratti, the sister of former Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti, has claimed that Jose Mourinho is heading to Manchester to take over at Old Trafford, news which will no doubt irk current Red Devils’ boss Louis van Gaal.

Moratti, who is the honorary president of the ‘Inter Club’ supporters’ group, had just been for lunch with Mourinho in Milan when she was asked by a calciomercato.com journo about the meeting. On the Nerazzurri’s former manager, she said:

He’s missed as a person, but right now he’s happy, he’s going to Manchester.

Here’s the video…

So there you have it! Unless she just means that he’s planning a city-break to the city, this is a rather huge claim. While the rumours have been gathering pace over the last few months, as van Gaal’s United continue to tread water, to hear someone respected actually say the words is rather big.

However, while no-one expects van Gaal to last beyond the summer at Old Trafford, questions still remain over whether Mourinho’s prosaic football will fit in with the Red Devils’ traditional attacking ethos. And after this season’s debacle at Chelsea, securing the services of the ‘Special One’ is by no means a guarantee of success for any club.

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  1. Paul says:

    Actually I can’t hear the word ‘Manchester’

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh f**k off Moanrinho. I’d rather see the club go trophy-less and re-build for the next 2-3 years under Giggs than have this vile, egotistical prick anywhere near the club (there is a reason why he wasn’t appointed after SAF left and that reason still stands today!). I guarantee you that the “happy one” -or “humble one” as he likes to be called- will fall out with players, will blame referees, cite conspiracies, burn out other players, bring zero youth lads through, spend a ton of money and then end up leaving one way or another within 3 years amid controversy and bringing a black mark against the name of a great club. I cannot believe the board would consider accepting that in exchange for *MAYBE* one league title and league cup. Bad decisions have been made, starting with appointing Moyes, now it’s time to make a total fresh start and do things the right way… even if it means the lub being a few years behind schedule in the rebuilding for the long term.

    • Carlos says:

      I think things are too hot to put Giggs in charge now. It’s not fair on him. United is trophyless for 3 years already and with Guardiola at City this trophyless run can easily become 6 years. It is a lot of time these days.

      United need someone like Mourinho to come in, lift the confidence, fight Pep and City and win something quickly. Then, yes, he’ll burn out the players after 3 years and all that. But one thing he can do is win something and buy some time to the club.

      In modern football you can’t risk being 5 or 6 or 7 years without a title. Six years without a title today is like 15 years without a title in the past. You won’t be able to attract players. People are already looking at United as a sinking ship. I would appoint Mourinho right now, splash the cash, get world class talent in, put United back in the map and then in 2 or 3 or 4 years, appoint Giggs.

      About young talent, the question is: are they world class? Right now and in the past decade, no, they’re not. Once upon a time we had Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, etc, but lately it is Welbeck, Cleverly, Gibson, Lingard, McNair, Wilson and all that… good players but you can’t win a Champions League with team.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do me a favour – Pep “the great” Guardiola has built his reputation on winning at the biggest clubs in a one/two horse race. My nan could win La Liga and Bundesliga with the players and money he has at his disposal. I’m not saying he’s a bad manager or hasn’t brought an improved style to the sides he’s had but let’s be realistic, anything other than CL success with Bayern and Barca has to be considered failure, and Pep’s failed for 3 seasons running. Just because he’s coming to City to spend £800,000,000,000 on new players in persuit of a few trophies before jumping ship in 3 years -just like Moanrinho- doesn’t mean he is going to be a success. Look at Klopp: everyone in the world was fawning all over this “master” before he came to a difficult league and he’s already been slapped around by the likes of Sunderland, West Brom and Exeter. Pep will be in for an almight shock if he thinks he only has to get out of bed and 4 trophies a year will fall in his pocket.

    Manchester United is a dynasty. City is a project. Trophies are of course important, but re-building for the long term is more important-er.

    • Carlos says:

      I agree 150% with you about Pep. I don’t think he is a genius and he needs fantastic players to perform his style of play. The problem is, he is going to manage the best squad in England and can bring anybody along. And with talent and money, he will be very hard to beat as usual. I mean, City never had a good manager (to me Mancini, Hughes, Pellegrini are just ok), imagine them with a very good one like Pep…

      I don’t even like Mourinho as well (agree again about the moaning and all that ego shit) but he is one of best and he’s hungry to beat Pep and send a message to Abramovich, he would be more motivated than ever, plus United is his dream and he will deal with people like Sir Alex and Sir Bobby, he’ll walk into Old Trafford and see their names up there, that might keep him grounded a little bit.

      I just think that he can organize the house for now, lift the players, bring the attention to him and let them just play… win something, attract some world class footballers (United’s history and money plus Mourinho is very interesting for every player) and then, with the club in a not so hot situation, leave it to Giggs.

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