Man Utd Fans Sing Vile Chant In Europa League Clash With Liverpool At Anfield (Video)

Alan Duffy

10th, March 2016


Two of the great clubs of English, and indeed, world football met at Anfield on Thursday night in the Europa League last 16, with Liverpool registering a deserved 2-0 first leg victory.

However, while a clash between two old rivals was always going to produce a certain level of friction between the two sets of fans, one chant in particular, sung by the visiting supporters, left a rather sour taste in the the mouth.

Now, Liverpool fans have, in the past, sung about the Munich air disaster during clashes like this, which is pretty horrid. However, on Thursday, it was the United supporters who were the culprits, singing ‘The Sun was right, you’re murderers’ for large periods of the game, a chant which referenced the Heysel tragedy (and maybe Hillsborough too) which is utterly vile…

No doubt fans from both clubs will have plenty to say about this, and while no-one wants a totally antiseptic atmosphere at a football match, there is a pretty obvious line which was crossed here. Discuss!

(video via 101gg)

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  1. Jarren says:

    They do not represent true United supporters.

    I condemn this vile behaviour.

  2. King Kev says:

    Singing about Heysel

  3. SG says:

    I could be wrong, but I always associated that chant with Heysel. I’m not condoning the chants at all, in either case.

  4. Rob says:

    They’ve been doing that one for years without anyone bringing it up.

  5. Moxey says:

    If the “murderers” part is about Heysel, “The Sun was right” is surely about Hillsborough?

  6. fred says:

    and in the interests of accuracy and fairness and equality, lets see if the media give equal “outrage” to the munich chants next season; because we all know both sides chant about each other – despite the tabloids clear favouritism and bias towards chosing to reinforce liverpools victim mentality. (these being the same tabloids that are quick to jump on the hillsboro band wagon every april but yet give a fraction of news-worthiness and column time to heysel on it’s anniversary; effectively deeming it near irrelevant and ignored from history).

  7. Dave says:

    You’re absolutely right Fred…… Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing.

  8. Craig says:

    Justice for the 39

  9. Robin says:

    It is true

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