Ryan Giggs Brings 29-Year Association With Man Utd To An End After Agreeing Exit Settlement

Chris Wright

1st, July 2016

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The day many thought would never come is upon us. After weeks of false starts and jumped-guns, Ryan Giggs has today agreed a settlement to bring his 29-year association with Manchester United to an end.

The BBC are reporting that Giggs, who served as assistant manager under Louis van Gaal, will have the final year of his contract paid up after he refused to accept a reduced coaching role under Jose Mourinho.

United are now expected to release an official statement in the next few days.

Giggs first entered the (senior) fray at Old Trafford as a gangly 17-year-old whippet back in 1991. He leaves a slightly more bristly, curiously eyebrow-less 40-year-old whippet.

Here’s how his three decades, 963 games and 35 major honours with United look as charted using Merlin Premier League stickers.


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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    It’s the best thing for him to do. I’m not sure he’d be wise taking on a Premiership team though, best to try starting at a Championship (or maybe League 1 team) and prove himself from there.

    Quality always rises to the top, so I am confident we will see him back in the Premier League from his own hard work & ability.

    Once he proves his worth, once he gets the respect of players (as a manager and not just a legend), then he can truly be considered a viable option to United once again.

    All the best to him!

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