Man Utd And Liverpool Issue Joint Statement Asking Fans To Behave Themselves Ahead Of Monday Night Meeting

Chris Wright

13th, October 2016



Manchester United and Liverpool have put their heads together and issued a joint statement pleading with fans to behave themselves during the upcoming Premier League meeting between the two sides.

With the bitter rivals set to square off in the Premier League at Anfield next Monday night, the two clubs have buddied up in an attempt to promote a bit of harmony and civility between the two tribes

The following statement has been posted on the official websites of both clubs:

Both clubs, their supporters and football fans around the world are looking forward to this historic and passionate match between two of the sport’s biggest and oldest rivals.

There is great rivalry between our fans and we ask all supporters to be respectful and help eradicate all forms of offensive and discriminatory behaviour from the game.

The effort has been made after the last encounter between the two sides (in the Europa League last season) descended into utter chaos which ended with kick-off being delayed and both clubs being hit with a barrage of UEFA charges for offensive chanting, brawling in the stands, objects being thrown, pyrotechnics being discharged, etc, etc.

The two clubs ended up being fined over £30,000 each for the deplorable chanting and a further £13,000 each for the other various acts of crowd disturbance on display.

Ahead of the high-risk Monday night encounter, Liverpool have also warned that they will prosecute any and all fans deemed to have breached their stadium conduct rules.

If any supporters are found to be engaged in any form of offensive or discriminatory behaviour by stewards or via CCTV then they will be immediately removed from the stadium, risk arrest, prosecution and be reported in accordance with the club’s ground regulations.

Troublemakers of the world, you have been warned.

Isn’t it sad that it has to come to this, though?

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  1. SOUTH AMERICA says:

    Can someone please explain to me why the biggest games are played on fucking mondays? I get that the Premier League is english but people watch all over the world. In Brazil we can’t, because this is in the middle of the afternoon – on a monday – and we’re working, of course. I remember a few years ago, United vs City, at the end of the season… on a monday.

    Why United Vs Liverpool on a fucking monday? What about the next Champions League Final on a tuesday morning, that would be cool, right? Please do that.

    If someone has to play on monday — Swansea Vs Burnley — please. Not United Vs Liverpool. What a bunch of idiots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So basically United have a tragedy in the air that no one could have prevented and Liverpool have a “tragedy” because their dumb-as-fuck fans are incapable of determining whether an enclosure looks a little bit full of not. Astonishing how 91 of the 92 clubs in the football league managed to do basic maths every weekend and not kill anyone, but they get restricted because of it.

  3. Gamblino says:

    As much as I don’t want to rise to the bait, whoever wrote that last comment demonstrates such a staggering level of ignorance, we’ll assume they can’t possibly be British and subsequently haven’t been made as aware over the years how the police killed those fans – by cynically failing in their duty at every opportunity they had to demonstrate the responsibility they had taken on of managing the crowd. This has been proven. No one counts their way into a pen and fans had been watching football like that for 100 years. I’m telling you because it seems you might be genuinely stupid enough not to know that. Think yourself lucky you live in this clinical yank-sport era of all self-seating if you’ve got brains like that as it must be a real struggle to stay alive as it is.

    And I’ve got no love for scousers who have plenty of other shit on their card that they can feel responsible for.

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