Paul Pogba’s Dab Celebration Is Being Used As A Maths Question In French Schools (Photo)

Chris Wright

15th, November 2016


This is it. This kind of influence. This is what you pay the big bucks for.

According to HITC, Paul Pogba’s trademark ‘dab’ goal celebration is being used as the basis for maths questions in French schools.

In a bid to make Pythagoras’ theorem more relatable to les enfants, the exam board have dressed it up as a question about Cristiano Ronaldo being envious of the angles Pogba is able to achieve with his gangly limbs…


Image: @HITCtopcorner/Twitter

If you’ll excuse our less than stellar translation chops, we think the questions asks:

Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of Paul Pogba’s dab. He tries to demonstrate that it isn’t perfect.

According to the “Universal Declaration of Dab Rights” (the DUDDDD) a dab is perfect only if the triangles represented in the above picture are right-angled triangles.

Well? Bonus marks will be given if you show your working.

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