Retro Football: Bryan Robson Resplendent In Triple Denim For ‘Easy Jeans’ Modelling Gig, 1980s (Photos)

Chris Wright

25th, August 2017

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Bryan Robson was a formidable player in his Manchester United pomp, sturdy of thigh and steely of conviction as he patrolled midfields the length and breadth of the land.

However, away from the hustle and bustle of football, Robson was a man who favoured comfort – one look at his taste in gentlemen’s leisure knitwear proves as much.

So it was perhaps only natural that Robson landed an endorsement deal with Easy Jeans in the late 1980s, the very epitome of relaxed-fit, everyday denim.

With moccasins steadfastly sockless and hair playfully tousled with mousse, Robson clambered awkwardly up onto a railing, cocking a leg and modelling the bejesus out of the very finest wares Easy had to offer…


Photo via Twitter

The ‘Triple Denim’ look was as daring then and it is now, but that didn’t stop Robbo from going to the well again and again…

Photo: Twitter

Quadruple chest pockets and a functional workingman’s neckerchief, all shot in front of a neighbour’s garage.


The shipping crate whispers ‘ industry’, but the outfit positively screams ‘road manager for Status Quo, 1978-1984’.

They didn’t call him Captain Marvel for nothing.