Pies Classics: Pedro Mendes’s Disallowed Goal, Spurs v Man Utd, 2005

Ollie Irish

22nd, September 2010

By Ollie Irish

Still makes me laugh, even if I was spitting feathers at the time…

Poor Roy Carroll, with his face like a sad old frog, will always be synonymous with this moment, even though he got away with it – though how, I still don’t know; have you seen a more blatant phantom goal (it brings to mind Lampard’s effort vs Germany in the 2010 World Cup)? Indeed, it defined Roy’s career, which explains why at the age of just 32 – quite young for a keeper – he’s playing for… Odense BK in Denmark. No shame in that, of course, but it’s quite a fall from grace after being at Old Trafford just five years ago.