Reports: Things Hot Up As Man Utd Lodge Rival Bid For Alexis Sanchez In Attempt To Derail Man City Machinations

Chris Wright

11th, January 2018

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Well, well, well. Just when it looked like Alexis Sanchez joining Man City was an inevitability, somebody goes and throws a Manchester United-sized cat in amongst the pigeons.

According to Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, both Mancunian clubs have tendered offers for Sanchez, either to take him off Arsenal’s hands for a lump sum in January or to offer a pre-contract terms that will see the Chilean leave for nowt when his current deal ends in June.

Romano also states that Arsenal will assess the approaches and come to a decision soon, despite Arsene Wenger’s vain insistence that Sanchez might even still be talked into signing a new contract at the Emirates at some point between now and the summer:

I want him to stay longer. I have no problem if he signs with us now or in June.

People don’t know Alexis Sanchez – this is a guy completely focused on playing football.

Sanchez plays every game. Sometimes a breather in the middle of the season helps (players clear their head) a little bit.

He doesn’t need to tell me he speaks to anybody else. He doesn’t need to alert the club. He can do it on his own.

Nice try, Arsene. Who are you trying to kid?

Elsewhere, Sky Sports Italia are also reporting that United are willing to throw Henrikh Mkhitaryan into the equation to help sweeten the deal.

Good grief. January is only eleven days old. Pies aren’t sure we’re up to withstanding another 20 days of this stuff.