Reports: Alexis Sanchez Agrees Mammoth Contract With Man Utd Worth £500,000-A-Week AFTER TAX

Chris Wright

17th, January 2018


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WOW-WOW-WEE-WAH. The transfer is still some way off being concluded but Alexis Sanchez has now reportedly agreed a contract with Manchester United and it’s absolutely effing massive.

As per Matt Law in the Telegraph, Sanchez has shaken on a four-year deal worth £14million after tax, which roughly equates to a weekly wage of £500,000.

As per Law’s article:

Sanchez’s lucrative contract means United’s deal to sign the forward is worth over £60million once his £30million value, agents’ fee, worth more than £10m, and signing on fee are taken into consideration.

United already employ the highest paid player in the Premier League, shovelling £300,000 into Paul Pogba’s bank account every seven days but even the Frenchman’s sky-high wages are about to pale – and for a stroppy 29-year-old as well. Blimey O’Riley.

To put those numbers in some kind of vaguely relatable context, Hartlepool United are on the brink of going into administration if they can’t find £200,000 from somewhere before the end of the month.

No wonder Sanchez has agreed terms. We can only imagine Ed Woodward is currently nursing a ravaged bloody stump where his hand used to be.

Also, Pies never, ever want to hear Jose Mourinho moaning about United not being able to compete financially with Man City ever again.

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  1. Gino says:

    Is he gonna earn more than cr7, Neymar or Messi?
    I still remember when he told that hes no worse than those 3, now I understand that it must have been money wise…

  2. Murray says:

    First time I’m seeing the phrase “WOW-WOW-WEE-WAH” in a Pies article that has fuck all to do with US Soccer.

    That just came out of nowhere.

  3. Tom says:

    I wouldn’t believe everything you read. Not a single source or piece of evidence to back up anything written in that article.

  4. Stefano says:


    (I heard that in an english movie once. I liked it, as a “Continental”. )

  5. Beano says:

    Would have loved to keep Sanchez but anyone willing to pay more than £300,000 a week can have him.

  6. PetrovskyKSC says:

    I’ll get some cash for my blood donation tomorrow. 25 bucks + 5 bucks bonus… And it even lowers my blood pressure by 20. There ya go, folks.

  7. Bruno says:

    I doubt this will be the salary (some papers are saying £350,000 per week, others £270,000). United refused to pay more than £40m to buy Perisic in the summer, it doesn’t make sense to offer £500,00 per week to Sanchez 5 months later, including Micki on the deal and also paying a considerable transfer fee to Arsenal.

    But, anyway, they have money to burn. If they can get Sanchez, it’s a fantastic signing.

  8. Pogba's Agent says:

    Surely, the REAL star of the team, Pogba, deserves a raise as well.

  9. Steve says:

    If Arsenal manage to get a transfer fee as well as Mkhitaryan for Sanchez (who obviously doesn’t want to be there) and only has 6 months left on his contract then this is an unbelievable deal!

    In 6 months they would literally get nothing for him… I bet Arsène Wenger has spunked his pants.

  10. Hasselhof says:

    Football is dead. This is just getting gross.

  11. Anonymous says:

    500,000 per week after tax = £26m p.a.

  12. Straight Dave says:

    Oh, so the pro-Chelsea journo Matt Law says that Sanchez is getting £500k per week after tax. In that case, it must be true.

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