Deloitte Money League 2018: Bournemouth Make Rich List Debut As 28th Wealthiest Club In World Football

Chris Wright

23rd, January 2018


Image: Deloitte

Such is their wont, Deloitte have published the Football Money League standings for 2018, which basically lists the most wealthy clubs in world football in terms of global revenue.

You may not be surprised to find that the top 20 clubs are all European, with Manchester United retaining their position at the top of the pile for a second successive year – largely thanks to the €44.5million prize money they received from UEFA for winning the Europa League last season.

Here’s the Top 20 clubs and their respective revenues, as published on the Deloitte website…

1. Manchester United, £581.2(million)
2. Real Madrid, £579.7
3. Barcelona, £557.1
4. Bayern Munich, £505.1
5. Man City, £453.5
6. Arsenal, £419
7. Paris Saint-Germain, £417.8
8. Chelsea, £367.8
9. Liverpool, £364.5
10. Juventus, £348.6
11. Tottenham, £305.6
12. Borussia Dortmund, £285.8
13. Atletico Madrid, £234.2
14. Leicester City, £233
15. Internazionale, £225.2
16. Schalke, £197.8
17. West Ham, £183.3
18. Southampton, £182.3
19. Napoli, £172.5
20. Everton, £171.2

So that’s 10 Premier League clubs in the top 20, the highest ever from one country, with mid-to-lower-tablers like West Ham and Southampton out-earning Napoli. Such is the power of the current TV deal.

Deloitte also confirmed there are four more English teams ranked between 21 and 30 in the list, with Bournemouth – who have a 11,000-capacity stadium and were playing third-tier football five years ago – making their debut in the Money League as the 28th richest club in world football.

Madness. Unsustainable madness.