From The Youtube Vault: Phil Neville’s Wedding Video From 1999 Is Like A Glorious Manchester United-Themed LSD Trip

Chris Wright

24th, January 2018


Embed from Getty Images

With his appointment as head coach of the England Women’s team, the internet sleuths out there have been busily digging into Phil Neville’s online past.

Unfortunately, this bout of e-archaeology has seen a cache of lazily sexist Tweets dredged up from 2012 in which Fizzer18 shared his rubbish ruminations on a woman’s place and role in society. He quickly and succinctly deleted his entire Twitter account as a result.

However, in more appealing news, it also saw links to Neville’s 1999 wedding video start circulating on social media and, to put it bluntly, IT IS GLORIOUS.

Stand by for lots of era-appropriate Manchester United faces (the lads: Van der Gouwy, Silvestrey, the Stamster), a metric ton of wet-look hair gel, David Beckham’s unusual hat, tributes to Rod Stewart and George Michael and an accompanying soundtrack so sweepingly hypnotic you may well find yourself slipping into some ethereal plain of oblivion.

Oh, and there’s also a visibly tipsy Ryan Giggs attempting to dance like Elvis…

Well, that’s us rendered catatonic for the rest of the day.

How about you?