Reports: Man Utd Scrapper Ander Herrera Faces Possible Charge For ‘Deliberately Spitting’ On Man City Club Crest During Derby (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, April 2018


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While it’s likely unenforceable, it’s being mooted that Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera could face a disciplinary charge for spitting on Man City’s club crest.

The incident was caught on camera as the two teams disppeared down the Etihad tunnel at half-time, with Herrera disgorging a globule of saliva as he walked over a large floor mat which takes the shape of the City badge.

A spokesman for United subsequently sprang to the Spanish midfielder’s defence, claiming that it was all just unfortunate timing:

Ander has seen the footage of the incident and is mortified at any suggestion that his actions were deliberate. It was entirely accidental and there was no intent whatsoever.

However, the Guardian claim that City believe Herrera deliberately spat on their badge and are hoping that the FA will review the footage before taking action against the United man. Failing that, City may well end up making a formal complaint to force the issue.

We shall see, but honestly we don’t understand how the FA could possibly ordain whether Herrera’s actions were deliberate or otherwise.

All the evidence is entirely circumstantial, no?

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    What is the point? How can anyone other than Herrera know for certain whether he meant to spit on the badge or not? City should be done for being so frivolous.

  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah says:

    Everybody wants to spit on the Abu Dhabi FC club crest, right?
    They have no history, so it’s probably easy to clean it.

    Well done, boy!

  3. what_the_what says:

    what a waste of everyone’s time…ffs city

  4. jackie wilshere says:

    i think it was deliberate, but who cares, this is petty

  5. Rob says:

    He’s just a Spanish Robbie Savage

  6. Comfy Chair says:

    It now most certainly looks a foregone conclusion with absolute certainty that City’s title hopes are heading out the window for a long fall to the ground (with massive crashing sound effects)…….. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, suck it, bitches!

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