Wayne Rooney – super sharp shooter


3rd, July 2007


If the latest Nike viral ad featuring Wayne Rooney is anything to go by this looks like tis a season to be fearful for Premiership goalkeepers.
Wazza begins by sketching but seems to be a self portrait but is actually a badly drawn target on the camera’s lens before calmly jogging 20 yards away, juggling the ball a bit and unleashing ‘one of those’ volleys…you can guess what happens next.

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  1. Great vid. Too bad ManU will suck in 07/08

  2. Anonymous says:

    take number……????

  3. Defualt steve says:

    real? i’m unsure, either way they definately added the nike symbol which is just a bit too clear as day, or replaced the ball just before it hits. Great vid anywho. All the way again this year! United!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just before he starts drawing the target it you can see slight scratches of the target already. Is he too thick to draw it himself?

  5. Billyo says:

    50 yards? More like 10.

  6. jamilinho says:

    its as fake as michael barrymores alibi