Man Utd: Luke Shaw Returns To Pre-Season Honed, Flabless And Quite Literally Looking Like A New Man (Photo)

Chris Wright

13th, July 2018


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While obviously he was never even anywhere approaching ‘fat’ by conventional standards, the fact remains that Luke Shaw has spent the last couple of years taking withering pelters from Jose Mourinho about his lapse fitness and condition.

Since suffering a horrendous broken leg against PSV in September of 2015, Shaw has found it nigh-on impossible to force his way back into the Manchester United first team, with Mourinho often publicly naming, blaming and shaming the left-back on the rare occasions he did manage to sneak an appearance.

Concern then sprang anew a week or two ago when Shaw was photographed gadding about on a yacht in Ibiza looking very pink and very less than honed.

However, it looks like the tough love has finally worked and the knuckling down has begun in earnest, especially if the 23-year-old’s latest Instagram post is anything to go by.

Indeed, it looks like Shaw has spent the past couple of weeks quite literally working his arse of in a bid to reclaim his spot and earn the affections of his manager…

Image: @lukeshaw23/Instagram

Bloomin’ heck. What a transformation.

Good on him – though obviously, Pies would gladly give our left bosom to be as ‘tubby’ as Shaw was at his most out-of-shape.

Be interesting to see if he gets a game now, and what Mourinho’s bone of contention is when he invariably doesn’t.

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  1. Dr Wadiya Al-Makry says:

    Looks like he’s had lot of work done;

    i work 14 years in department of kuwait plastic surgery and i know he looks like few clients we have. good price to pay, man united wage to pay it

  2. Straight Dave says:

    It amazes me the amount of people who say
    “He’s hardly fat, he’s looking a little tubby, sure, but he’s still in better shape than 99% of Joe Public” or similar.

    That’s because this is a guy who gets paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Pounds on a monthly basis, to, at the very least, keep himself in shape. Every middle-aged man in the country would make an effort to get himself a six-pack if he was paid such an unfathomable amount every week. The fact Shaw even allowed himself to put any weight on is frankly ludicrous given the profession he’s in and the fact he plays for Manchester United ffs. If I was him then frankly I’d be a bit embarrassed to be photographed looking like that whilst at the same time picking up an extortionate wage

  3. JP says:

    Lol Seems like the people aren’t having it…

    Remember when Adel Taarabt kept getting benched and slated for being overweight? Seems like a favourite excuse for when a manager just doesn’t want you.

    Nobody Mentions Salah’s slight paunch and his ‘I promise it’s my jawline’ beard, and yet he still managed to be quite handy.

    Best of Luck to Luke anyway.

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