Man Utd: Brilliant Twitter Thread Tells Tale Of His Oblivious Parents Getting Involuntary Photo With Paul Pogba

Chris Wright

21st, January 2019

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He may be one of the most instantly recognisable footballers on the planet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some people out there who have no clue who Paul Pogba is.

In the following wonderful Twitter yarn, E-Sports commentator Nate Patrick (@N8NathanPatrick) details the precise sequence of events that led to his parents getting a photo taken with Pogba on a train despite not having the foggiest idea who the man with ‘red crocodile skin luggage’ was.

Basically, Nate grew up in Australia and has always been obsessed with football. The rest of his family, however, do not share his passion.

Patrick’s mother and father were on a train in England (which had come from Manchester) when they began to get a little perturbed by the particularly boisterous game of Uno taking place further along the carriage.

You can probably guess where this is heading.

Needless to say, Patrick was staggered.

The thread continues with Nathan posting screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation he then had with his parents in which the poor guy desperately attempted to explain who Pogba was and why meeting him on a train was a fairly big deal.

Then comes the immortal line from Nate’s dad.

“He also had red crocodile skin luggage, which struck me as odd”

Despite their son’s obvious excitment, it didn’t take long for Mr and Mrs Patrick to get over the thrill of bumping into a World Cup winner on public transport.

The full thread is compiled here should you wish to marvel at the entire thing.

An excellent little vignette and a tantalising glimpse into how professional footballers amuse themselves in their spare time these days.


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