Massive Opinion: Trevor Francis Reckons World Cup Winner Paul Pogba Will Never Win Anything

Chris Wright

26th, January 2019


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Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates in the FA Cup on Friday night and Paul Pogba, without being imperious, played fairly well.

The Frenchman carried the ball well, picked some nice passes, maintained possession under pressure, fended off opponents, won important freekicks, wasted a bit of time hither and thither, shut down space in defence and generally did all the things that he’s paid so handsomely to do.

Anybody without an ill-conceived quasi-vendetta against him would have been at least satisfied with a robust if unspectacular performance, but not Trevor Francis, oh no.

After watching Pogba stride about the midfield from the confines of the BeIN Sport studio, Francis was unable to deviate from drab Sounessian miserablism.

Speaking after the final whistle, Francis summoned the following bibble:

Pogba, for me, will never ever give you the opportunity of winning trophies or championships because I think he’s a luxury player.

He’s not a Mourinho player.

Pogba has won four Serie A titles, two Coppa Italias, the Europa League and the World Cup, among other things.

In fact, he’s already won more overall trophies than Francis did as a player and a manager combined.

Still spends too much time dying his hair and dabbing though, doesn’t he?

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  1. Jake says:

    It’s almost as if Francis doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

  2. VieuxSang says:

    The Hatters are more exciting than Man U. Pogba is but a part of the teams he is on, and has never led anyone to seriously believe he had a MAJOR part in cup winning. The whole French team was lukewarm at times, their progression helped by the untimely exit of powerhouses, a la Leicester.

    • Geraldo says:

      Ah, it’s the return of Old Blood…how are things in your racist utopia? It must have pained you greatly that a multi racial, multi cultural France team won the World Cup last summer. I’m just glad for your sake that a multi racial, multi cultural England team didn’t make the final too, your blood pressure would have gone through the roof.

      • VieuxSang says:

        Gerald, you have got me all wrong. The fact that anyone is not Caucasian or not, has no bearing on my assessment of their talents.

  3. Yas says:

    Pogba is a bit overrated but still a very, very good player. Who the fuck is Trevor Francis? I remember Trevor Sinclair…

    About France, yeah, they were lukewarm, I agree. But Leicester? Watching that counter attacking football was just fantastic and they beat all the big teams (away from home too).

    You’re out of your mind if you’re comparing a Premier League winner (38 games played) with a World Cup winner (7 games played, 5 of them against shit opponents from the Caribbean).

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