Magnificent rant! Roy Keane destroys De Gea and Man Utd team-mates

Ollie Irish

20th, June 2020


The savage beauty of a Keane tirade. Part fury, part exasperation, part disbelief, part playing to the crowd. Roy is on fire here, in an unplayable mood.

(Context: Man Utd were bad in the first half against Spurs last night and only perked up when Paul Pogba came on midway through the second.)

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  1. woy says:

    All right
    But it’s okay, man utd still better than arsenal

  2. JustHonour says:

    @woy Arsenal is hardly a bar to compare a team against. May as well say “Man Utd still better than Leicester”. Oh, hang on… No they aren’t :-D

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