Top 5 controversial transfers

Ollie Irish

20th, July 2007


campbell.jpgWith Fergie refusing Liverpool’s £6.8m bid for Gabriel Heinze and claiming United would ‘never’ sell to their bitterest rivals, we take a look at a few transfers that have taken place between clubs with a history of hatred.
It takes rhinoceros thick skin and elephant sized balls but a few players have endured the wrath of supporters to move onto bigger things – here’s our top five:

1. Sol Campbell (Tottenham to Arsenal 2001)
Campbell caused outrage when he ignored foreign interest and decided on a short move across North London – and doing the Double didn’t exactly calm Spurs fans down
2. Luis Figo (Barcelona to Real Madrid 2000)
It took £37m for the first Galactico to be born but, while Figo went on to be crowned World Footballer of the Year, taking a corner at the Nou Camp would never be the same again
3. Eric Cantona (Leeds to Manchester United 1992)
It must have taken some sort of Jedi mind trick to convince Wilkinson to part with the inspirational Frenchman for just £1.2m – Cantona created a United dynasty while Leeds…
4. Nick Barmby (Everton to Liverpool 2000)
Barmby actually snubbed Liverpool for Everton when he left Middlesbrough but soon came to his senses and requested a transfer to the club, remembering Liverpool were his ‘boyhood heroes’
5. Lee Clark (Newcastle to Sunderland 1997)
Self-confessed Newcastle nut, Lee Clark, was probably as shocked as anyone when he was sold to Sunderland. But his true colours came out when seen sporting Mackem baiting t-shirt at the Geordie’s cup final – was never in Sunderland again

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  1. Steven McLean says:

    No Maurice Johnstone nearly signing for Celtic only to be unveiled at Rangers? Caused a fair bit more controversy that Sol Campbell nipping across London for a few thousand more quid a week.

  2. joe says:

    The Cantona deal is a bit in a league of its own in terms of the (small) amount of money, the talent changing hands and the fortunes of the two clubs thereafter. It’s almost chilling. I suppose the only move I would add would be Ashley Cole’s recent sale to Chelsea. Don’t look at me I didn’t want him. I still prefer Bridge and remember his fantastic goal against Arsenal!

  3. Shammy says:

    This list is shite. for the most part. Entirely because youve left out Paul ince from Utd. to liverpool.

  4. arun says:

    luis enrique from madrid to barca in the 90’s
    schuster from barca to madrid late 80’s i think
    pirlo, kaka and seedorf from inter to milan

  5. Mr Fox says:

    Ince didn’t go directly from United to Liverpool, he went to Inter first.
    I seem to remember Ince going to United causing a bit of a stir though … as he was pictured in a Man Utd shirt whilst still a West Ham player!

  6. Chringle says:

    “Elephant sized balls” and a picture of Sol Campbell, this is the image I will carry round with me all day today.
    Thanks Pies!

  7. Brian says:

    Ronaldo from inter to Real

  8. Dan says:

    Alan Quinn, Derek Geary and Leigh Bromby from Sheffield Wednesday to Sheffield United…;-)

  9. JB says:

    Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan from Egyptian Giants Al-Ahly to bitter rivals Al-Zamalek.

  10. gabie says:

    no Javier Saviola? haha. started off at Seville, transferred to BARCA and now is in REAL MADRID.