Is Fergie right to moan about Man Yoo’s defence?


2nd, August 2007


r10870_25609.jpgAfter Inter Milan scored three times in 17 minutes during yesterday’s friendly against Man Utd, Fergie pointed his hairdryer in the direction of the defence.
It’s the one area that United have chosen not to strengthen during a summer of spectacular spending. But, now that United have returned to their gung-ho philosophy of scoring one more than the opposition, is there going to be more pressure on the back line that boasted the league’s second best defensive record last season?
Or will the arrival of a true midfield holding player in Owen Hargreaves provide the shield that’s needed to protect the back four?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heinze MUST stay, and another right back is needed. Also, Sylvestre must be omitted from the squad as he is bad luck. Screw buying Tevez, 30m quid would sort out the defense big time! Sergio Ramos would fit the bill nicely at that price.

  2. Liam says:

    If Heinze goes then we should get this Chiellini guy from Juve. I don’t think we need a new right back now because they wont play if Neville is fit. Better to just let Brown/Pique/Evans/O’shea fill in for now because they could all do with the games. We must however get rid of Silvestre.

  3. devil says:

    It might be difficult to get him from City but I’d like Micah Richards as a long term replacement for Gary Neville – and he can play centre half too

  4. Em says:

    Hargreaves had better well help! Honestly, Michael Carrick has been known to go missing for 30 minutes or so at once, but this match, I heard myself wondering, more than once, “Oh, is O’Shea playing? Oh, is Carrick playing?”
    Like the whole middle of the park vanished?
    Not to mention, Rio Ferdinand is absolute rubbish when he’s less than 6 meters from the net, no either end.