Do Manchester United need to buy another striker?


20th, August 2007


76174518.jpgWith only two points to show from their first three games, it’s United’s worst start to the league for 15 years and Fergie has already admitted that the Champions face an uphill struggle to reclaim their title.
Equally disappointing is the fact that, despite a hatful of chances, they’ve only scored a single goal so far – and there were plenty of missed opportunities again during yesterday’s derby.
Injuries and suspensions have robbed them of their main goal scorers while the club’s decision to release fringe forwards like Smith and Rossi looks like backfiring all too early. Rooney is out for the forseeable, Ronaldo is paying the price for petulance, Solskjaer and Saha are still not fit and Tevez needs more time.
So, with the transfer window still open, should United splash more cash on the position they need most or will normal service be resumed once players return?

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  1. Sam says:

    Another striker before the window closes would be ideal. Even with all our strikers back we only have 4, Solksjear is on the way out, and has spent the most part of 3 seasons injured. Saha isn’t quite as injury prone as Kieron Dyer, but is getting there, so we can’t expect him to play for a lot of the season. Tevez will need time to settle and if we rely on him too much early on we could risk putting too much pressure on him, which could go one way or the other, either break him, or make him a diamond. Surley the fact that we played a striker in the derby that everyone was asking ‘who is this?’ shows that we need someone else.
    Selling Rossi was a mistake. We should have loaned him at most. We could be playing him now and finding out if he is likely to cut the mustard long term.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nicholas Anelka.

  3. Bezzo says:

    I agree – we should not have sold Rossi. That was a mistake because even if Rooney hadn’t broke his foot for the 9th time (thanks for that NIKE!!!) we were already short of strikers. I think we need a fast, out-and-out striker and Anelka would be ideal.
    At least O’Shea can say he’s played in every position now.

  4. Phantom Pain says:

    Get Henrik Larsson back for another 2-3 months on loan??
    If things are really desperate we can activate the buy-back clause in Rossi’s contract…
    Short of spending another 12-15million there are not many people who could make a difference

  5. devil says:

    Dare I say it but michael own still has a £9m release clause in his newcastle contract – and a pacy ‘fox in the box’ is all we’re missing in our assorted strikeforce

  6. Zaid says:

    yeah. Fergie make a big mistake in selling Rossi. And I think United really lacking someone in attack who is very good in the air. United should get a tall striker in my opinion

  7. longman says:

    Selling Rossi was a definite faux-pas by Fergie, we hadn’t even given the guy a serious chance…and I bet he’d swap the £6m or so received for an extra 6 points to our dismal start.
    We need cover, and I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate the previous comments made as to why. Anelka would be a great coup, even if we end up letting him go again in Jan/June he would give us an extra edge that was missing for all to see yesterday.
    Still got the time to sign Owen??

  8. suse says:


  9. matt says:

    pauleta is my choice.
    did gudjohnsen already sign with west ham? if not, why not him for targeting paired up with tevez? i’m not so sure anelka is worth much. he’s played well for a couple of games, is he really the answer though?
    i still wish for henrik also.

  10. m4re says:

    Early in the transfer season there was a lot of talk about Klass-Jan Huntelaar coming to a big 4 team, do you think United will make a buy of that caliber? Or just a short term loan option?
    I think last I read, Saha was back at the end of this month, so maybe he’s going to stick it out with Tevez until then.

  11. Joe says:

    If he was smart, Fergie’d go for Huntelaar’s replacement: Heerenveen/Brazil striker Alfonso Alves, currently being courted by (amused smile) Middlesborough.

  12. Rameez Ali says:

    i think tevez is still good for M United,he still require more time to be fitted with the callibours players like GiGGS,Carrick,scholes…
    he is one of the best players in the modren ERA
    and the combination of C RONALDO can make the diffrence as they play more.
    I wish them best of luck.

  13. Chringle says:

    Kevin Doyle.

  14. Zaid says:

    Get Huntelaar!!

  15. Andy says:

    all you united fans just speculate on which player is willing to sell his soul to come to the theatre of prawn sandwhiches. “i reckon anelka for £15 million in a swap deal with park”….blah blah GLAZER IS LAUGHING AT YOU upto £380 extra a season for the contreversial cup matches scheme and a 15% price rise to boot. can anyone justify that? its just business i suppose. i payed £40 to see you agaisnt milan. rip off. give me huddersfield versus blakcpool anyday. shall i spell that in chinese?

  16. Anonymous says:

    For those saying, ‘We shouldn’t have sold Rossi’, Fergie didn’t want to. Rossi asked if he’d be a first team regular, and since Fergie couldn’t promise that, Rossi wanted the move.
    I wouldn’t mind Anelka if we could get him for less than £10m. He’s proven in the prem, going nowhere in an awful Bolton side, and is very similar to Saha, who was one of our best players in the first 2/3rds of last season.

  17. Rick says:

    Huntelaar is a striker in the shape of Van Nistelrooy, and that’s exactly what United have been missing out on for some time. They haven’t scored more than one goal in a competetive match since Everton, at the end of last season. Huntelaar remains relatively unknown, while holding a simply mind bloggling goal scoring record. Playing him up front with Rooney or Tevez, would make the perfect strike force.

  18. Matt says:

    We should of brought in the Yak or Benni Macarthy before the horrible looking injury
    what about Defoe?
    Anelka is far too much of a pre maddonna he’ll definately fall out with SAF
    also im pissed that we didnt take advantage of any of the free transfers that were going, such as Viduka or Pizzaro
    i cant see SAF splashing out on a striker at this stage unless its some kind of swap for heinze, barca are expressing an intrest perhaps we can swap him for gudjohnson

  19. Mark H says:

    Seriously, what striker would want to come to OT knowing full well that in under a month they’re going to be 3rd or 4th option by default?

  20. Anonymous says:

    just read that Berbatov has been rowing with Jol. Lets do England a favour (by making Defoe more likely to get a start) and buy him. Now.

  21. MARTIN L says:

    Anyone that can head a ball would be good, Berbatov would fit in perfectly, Strikers rely on quality crosses, Giggs isnt super Giggsy anymore continuously giving the ball away, Nani should have stayed on the pitch on Sunday, not the Captain.

  22. Sartre says:

    I said it months ago: Why the hell aren’t we buying any new strikers?
    It was so obvious that Rooney was the only striker available for the next few weeks/months before the season even started, yet Fergie opted to strengthen his midfield area. I really did not understand why he would take such an unnecessary risk. Just imagine if the Tevez deal had went wrong..

  23. Zaid says:

    Just get a good damn tall striker!

  24. DJames says:

    Man.United what are you thinking buy some talant.
    Lenny-Sporting Braga
    Karim Benzema-Lyonn
    Aguero-Atlético de Madrid

  25. BIGFRA says:

    Benni mc carthy is the man to fit the job or Judjohnsen wee neen a world class striker NOW PLEASE,Sir Alex fork out the £££££££ before its to late,regards,FRA.